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Heartwarming / Terror of Mechagodzilla

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  • The quote of the main page. Showing Katsura that she's still human regardless of the fact that she's been coverted into a cyborg.
  • After twenty years of Character Development, Godzilla's Heel–Face Turn is made abundantly clear with him rushing into battle and tackling Titanosaurus away to save some children from getting crushed.
    • The humans are returning the actions in kind, the military entering the fray to give Godzilla covering fire and build the supersonic weapon to disable Titanosaurus and give Godzilla a fighting chance. In the end when Godzilla manages to recover, defeat Mechagodzilla thanks to Katsura and Akira's help and then drive off Titanosaurus before giving a victorious roar, the INTERPOL teams are all celebrating their combined victory with thunderous applause and cheering.
      INTERPOL agent: "He made it! He made it!"
      INTERPOL agent 2: "Yeah we won!"
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  • The final shot of Godzilla roaring in victory before walking off into the ocean as the view slowly pans out. For what could have been the conclusion of the franchise and would be the last time we'd see the Big G for nine years, it's a good send off as the Showa Era could ask for.