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Heartwarming / Terminator Salvation

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  • John and Kate are expecting a baby. Sure, the circumstances may not be... optimal, but it's a light in the dark and it gives them another personal reason to keep fighting — so that future generations can live in peace.
  • Every day, John radios about how his mother was treated as The Cassandra but helped him prepare for Judgment Day in spite of her being shunned away by society.
  • The end of the film, when Marcus offer to sacrifice himself so the doctors can perform a heart transplant on John. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The scene after Marcus and Blair fight off the bandits and she curls up to his chest to "share his body heat" before falling asleep in his arms.
  • The entire rescue scene, here we have Kyle and Star who just escaped while John is also looking for him. They find each other just in time before the T-800 closes in on them. John focuses more on getting Reese and Star out of the factory and when Kyle asks who he is, to which he answers before the elevator leaves. The look on Reese's face pretty much says he's thinking "That's the guy on the radio. He sounds like a natural leader. And he just managed to get through all these evil machines to rescue me. Holy Shit." It also doubles as a moment of awesome.
    Reese: Who Are You??
    John: JOHN CONNOR!!!
  • John borrowing an old friend's words to reassure Kate that he'll be okay:
  • In the comic continuation, John and Kate have another baby. Her name? Sarah Connor.