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Heartwarming / Tenchi Muyo!

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  • Despite having awful tan lines, Kiyone gets plenty of cheers from the crowd when she's on display for a beauty contest. For a character that has to put up with Mihoshi and is kind of a Chew Toy, it's nice to see her get something good. There are even tears in her eyes.
  • The final scene between Tenchi and Ryoko, in "Tenchi Forever", mirrors the one between his parents at the end of the first film ("Tench in Love") - from the location to the dialog, and ends with a sepia toned still frame of them together (from 2:10-3:43).
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  • The final scene in Tenchi Universe, in which Ryoko is revealed to have survived and that she is now back on Earth to claim Tenchi for herself.
  • One Kajishima-penned doujinshi has Washu transfer Ryoko's consciousness into a child version of her body, apparently just on a whim. They're both surprised when things turn emotional as they find themselves making up for lost time.

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