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Heartwarming / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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  • The turtles being extremely protective of April when they meet Casey, with Raph throwing his sai at Casey and outright blocking April from view when she's talking to the others.
  • Splinter is still called 'Dad'.
  • April jumping in front of the cops, who had Raph and Mikey at gunpoint, and willingly getting arrested rather than let the turtles be captured.
    • The fact that Casey does this as well, having only just met the turtles. While April considers the turtles family, this shows that Casey is a truly good person willing to risk his life to protect the innocent.
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  • Bebop and Rocksteady's loving bromance is both funny and sweet. They really do care about each other. Particular moments that stand out are when Rocksteady saves Bebop from falling in the river again.
    Rocksteady: Hold on! I gotcha!
    Bebop: Thanks, buddy!
    Rocksteady: My man!
    Bebop: My man!
  • In the final fight against Krang, as the brothers rescue Michelangelo:
    Raph: Nobody-
    Leo: Messes-
    Donnie: With Mikey!

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