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    Main Series 
  • In issue #14, when Splinter calls a family meeting of the Hamato Clan, Casey and April think it's best if they leave. Splinter reminds them that it's a family meeting and asks them to please stay. No doubt about it, Splinter and the Turtles see April and Casey as part of their family.
  • Every time Tang Shen's spirit comes to comfort Leonardo in his dreams.
  • Issue #50 brings us a few:
    • When Koya gets the feathers on her wings slashed by Leonardo, Bludgeon immediately rushes to her aid. This, despite being blinded from Donatello/Metalhead's flashbang.
    • Bebop and Rocksteady yell at each other when they fall victim to Raph and Mikey's Deadly Dodging, but quickly apologize for the bickering and focus on the Turtles. Dumb Muscle they may be, but it's also clear that they're Vitriolic Best Buds.
    • Donatello making a triumphant return in his real body to deal the knockout blow on Bebop and Rocksteady, much to the joy of his friends and family. Complete with a bear hug from Raphael.
    • Splinter and Shredder making some measure of peace after the former delivers a mortal wound to the latter. Shredder's last words to Splinter as he commits seppuku come off less as a form of See You in Hell; and more like an acknowledgement between two respected adversaries.
      Shredder: I will see you in the forest
      Splinter: I do not doubt brother.
    • Shredder, shortly before committing seppuku, tells his granddaughter Karai that all of his harshness towards her was meant to hone her into a worthy successor, and that he truly considers her his finest student. Yes. That Shredder.
      • He also vows to Kitsune that though he may die here, one way or another, his spirit will find its way back to her—which she acknowledges by calling him her "Dragon Warrior."
    • Splinter, after helping Shredder with his ritual suicide, takes a moment to mourn. Even after all the pain and misery that Shredder inflicted on him and his family—over two lifetimes—Splinter still saw him as his oldest, closest friend.
    • Karai honors the outcome of the duel, vowing to return to Japan so she can better train herself to be a worthy leader for the Foot Clan. And she offers Splinter the Shredder's position as leader in the meantime!
      Karai: The Foot Clan is my family—my life—and I want only what is best for it.
    • While Mikey is understandably shocked and upset by Splinter's decision to lead the Foot Clan, Splinter is understanding of his son's ensuing decision to leave, acknowledging that he needs time to come to terms with what's happened.
    • At the end of the issue, Alopex can be seen supporting a wounded Raphael.
  • Ever since she was included into the mix, it's been ambiguous just how much Kitsune cared for Shredder, as she's been Playing Both Sides by encouraging Alopex to side with the Turtles and subtly influencing Shredder's decisions. However, when Splinter calls her out on this, she's visibly disturbed at the implication that she never truly cared about her "Dragon Warrior."
    And then, come issue 60, when she absconds with what she thinks are Shredder's remains, she privately refers to him as "her beloved."
  • Issue 65 is this in its entirety, focused on the turtles and almost all their allies having a simple Christmas party. While it was supposed to be a small party with a select few close friends only, the Mutanimals invite themselves, making for a pretty big crowd and the turtles (sans Mikey) did not want them there at first, but everybody has a great time and even Leo admits that it's the best Christmas party ever. Even after the party has ended, Splinter sneaks into the lair to be the Santa for Mikey, leave him a gift of new nunchuks that thrill the youngest turtle, with Splinter remaining undiscovered and leaving with a smile while enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.
  • In issue 66, Nobody questions Raphael on the nature of his bond with Alopex. Raph expresses his concerns about how such a relationship would work, seeing as he's a turtle and she's a fox, but goes on to admit that he still really likes her. Why? Because the two of them aren't so different, being loners who had trouble connecting with others until recently.
    Raphael: ...But you know what? When I'm with Alopex, I don't feel that loneliness at all. That's what I dig about her. And I think...I think that's what she digs about me, too. And we don't even gotta talk about it to know it's true.
    • Cue the epilogue of issue 66, where Alopex's first reaction to seeing Raphael is to give him a joyful hug.
  • In issue 67. Leonardo expresses his frustrations over the conflict of interests he and his brothers have on deciding on what their next move should be regarding recent events. Splinter - who has, by this point, been taking more ruthless actions as the new leader of the Foot Clan - proves that his old, noble self isn't gone by expressing relief that his sons are still capable of being teenagers after all they've been through, and giving Leonardo some fatherly advice for how to lead Clan Hamato in his absence.
  • Issue 89, as Yet Another Christmas Carol, has moments both heartwarming and sorrowful in measure. The uplifting moments include:
    • Despite playing the role of Scrooge, Splinter is ultimately more than willing to give Jennika time off to spend with Casey Jones, well before he's visited by the three spirits in question.
    • An apparition of Shredder appearing to a brooding Splinter, empty-eyed and clad in chains. And yet, despite their long enmity, Shredder seems intent on warning Splinter that he's in danger of facing the same damnation as himself. He urges Splinter to not follow the same destructive path that he walked, and departs after calling Splinter his brother.
    • Splinter being visited by three members of the Pantheon - Aka, Toad Baron, and Gothano - who show him what the past, present, and future held, hold, and may yet hold. This carries multiple moments of heartwarming in and of themselves:
      • The fact that Aka most likely talked Toad Baron and Gothano - who are more neutral than malicious, admittedly - into helping with this.
      • Aka showing Splinter the happy times he had with his family in their past lives. Even when it ends with Shredder executing them, Aka urges Splinter to never forget the good in his life, and that he ought to forgive himself - after all, no one is perfect.
      • Toad Baron being as jolly as ever, yet being somber enough to offer Splinter some poignant insights on how his absence has affected his sons in their troubled times. Considering that the Turtles and their allies have brought chaos into his parties on two separate occasions, it says something that he'd show some concern for them.
      • Harold's apparently forgiven Donatello enough to work with him again.
      • Raphael and Alopex hanging out with Woody.
      • Massive Tear Jerker though it is, the future that could possibly be shows Leonardo comforting Michelangelo after they were forced to kill a corrupted Splinter. Micheangelo, while obviously shaken, doesn't blame Leo for what they had to do.
      • The sheer horror on Splinter's face at the vision of a possible future is telling, as well - though he may have slipped towards the darker side of his moral compass, the notion that he could become the next Shredder, and commit deeds so terrible that his sons were forced to kill him to stop him, clearly terrifies him.
    • Splinter decides to act on the three lessons imparted to him by summoning his sons and their friends to the Foot Clan lair, so he can throw them a Christmas party. Complete with him dressing up as Santa Claus.
      Splinter:...Thank you for joining my celebration. We have been apart too long, and I thought today, of all days, we should rectify a family.
      Narrative Box: Happy holidays to our TMNT family everywhere!

  • The end of Raphael #1, where Raphael explains to Casey that until they know who's targeting the turtles, he has to stick close to his brothers. When a disconsolate Casey tries to put on a brave face and say goodbye, Raph will have none of it: Casey is one of his brothers.
  • The Donatello one-shot has Donatello musing about how he has a hard time socializing with his brothers, since their interests and personaities vary so greatly. However, Leo is shown listening to and attempting to understand an MMORPG that Donnie likes to play, and is seen at the end of the issue saying that he has trouble understanding the manual. Donnie even muses that "Leo tries to be interested" even if he can't get into it, and that he at least really appreciates the effort.
  • Issue#5 of the Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything miniseries has a moment where the two title characters reunite after a falling out, forgiving each other's faults and swearing to always put their friendship first in future. Even the Turtles are touched. Sort of.
    Donatello: This is actually touching.
    Michaelangelo: I mean, they're literally monsters with zero conscience, but they are also kind of sweet in their way.
    Raphael: Yeah, I didn't need to see any of this.
  • In the Macro Series, issue #3, Leonardo and his brothers have retreated to Northampton to train their spiritual abilities. Frustrated by the slow progress of the others, he heads off into the forest alone to brood for a while. Following a battle with Koya, he decides to take it easy for a while, and encourages the other Turtles to just have fun for a bit.
    • Expanding on the duel with Koya, Leonardo recognizes how she's driven mindlessly by hatred, and more than a little grief over the suffering she and Bludgeon went through after being crippled during the battle of Issue #50. Eventually, he tries to reason with her, warning her that she'll be consumed by her own rage if she kills him. This actually gets through to Koya, who calms down. Later, she returns the bandana she tore off him during their fight, giving him a faint smile before departing.
    • Also, Karai shows up with her other followers and apologizes for Koya's attack. She and Leo engage in a respectful sparring match, and the two of them negotiate a truce of sorts.
  • In Shredder in Hell, issue #1, Shredder awakens in the afterlife to find himself in a re-creation of the forest that he and Yoshi played in as children. Surprisingly, Saki Oroku is delighted by this peaceful resolution. Pity that his previous incarnation, Takeshi Tatsuo, has other ideas.
    • After his struggle with his past self, Shredder finds himself rescued by none other than Splinter, who has joined him in the afterlife and intends to help him find inner peace. Of course, it overlaps with Tear Jerker, because it's implied that Splinter is, by this point, dead.
    • Why does Shredder ultimately reject Splinter's attempts to help him pass on? he promised to find a way back to his beloved, Kistune.
    • Tang Shen encouraging Hamato Yoshi to pursue the Shredder and help him out.
    • When Splinter pursues Shredder into a more hostile realm of the afterlife, he gets transformed into an actual, non-mutant rat. Astonishingly, Shredder turns back to check on them, and manages a relieved smirk when Splinter scurries up onto his shoulder so they can continue their journey together.

  • In issue 4 of the crossover with Batman, Raphael accuses Batman of being some sort of thrill-seeking rich boy who has no intention on getting Splinter or the other turtles home and bails. Batman picks him up in the Batmobile and takes him to Crime Alley and the spot where Thomas and Martha Wayne died. He explains that he never wants to see anyone's family shattered by something senseless and asks Raphael to help him help his family. He doesn't get a "yes", but the intent is very clear.

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