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Even though Tear Of Grace's videos are mostly humorous, he does have some genuinely heartwarming moments:

  • An Uplifting Update - TAKING A MORE MEANINGFUL STEP IN LIFE, the first video where Tear talks about the events in his life leading up to his YouTube career, how he started his B.Tech degree and University but eventually quit because he found making videos and entertaining people much more enjoyable and how grateful he is that people are supporting him and watching his content, so much so that he can actually live off it and so can continue producing increasingly better content. All of it accompanied by a very mellow, slightly sad track in the background.
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  • Tear of Grace: HOW I ACCIDENTALLY FELL INTO YOUTUBE, the second video where Tear talks about his YouTube journey so far, what motivated him to start a YouTube channel in the first place, his rather spectacular growth in the last couple of years and the events that have happened in his life since he started his channel.
  • In Sonic 06 | SILVER GETS IBLIS TRIGGERED (Snooker Balls of Doom), Tear gets quite angry at the Duke of Soleanna transferring the flames of Iblis into his own daughter, dooming her to a life of emotionlessness.
  • After Brett announced his financial problems in his YOUTUBE IS "DEAD": And We're Gravely Wounded update video, he did a live stream where he more or less broke after several generous people donated to him in the thousands (the top donator having donated over ten thousand). His patreon, created on the same day, also quickly reaches its goal.
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  • Brett's sheer joy at Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy letting him play a new classic Crash game.
  • YOUTUBE ● SLIGHTLY LESS DEAD, the second YouTube demonetization update video, where Tear talks about how his financial situation started to improved due to the people who donated to him on Patreon and thanking them, as well as those who bought his merchandise and who subscribed to him on YouTube.
  • Brett's sheer glee at discovering that yes, you can absolutely control the Carnan vs. Tar-Goroth battle in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. For a series that has mostly consisted of him getting really mad, this is a nice change of pace to see him just sitting back and having fun with a kaiju battle.
  • The Bruz fight in AN IMMORTAL MECHANICAL MISERY; Tear opts to give Bruz a merciful death, instead of letting him suffer.


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