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Remind us of all the ways that a show about comedians doing silly tasks can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Your time starts now.

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  • In general, panels that gel together on screen continue their friendships long after shooting ends. According to Alex Series 4's panel continues to get along particularly well, and Ed Gamble noted on the the podcast that the Series 4 panel reunited for afternoon tea after they got jealous of the Series 9 panel doing the same.
  • The trip to Cologne offered up as a prize task in Series 1 did actually happen. Tim, Frank and Josh did actually go over, then Alex joined them for a few hours the next day, and Tim remembers the trip fondly on the podcast.
  • The show appears to have gained a large influx of fans internationally during 2020-2021, amid the chaos, uncertainty and frustration of the COVID-19 pandemic (among other things) and the numerous lockdowns and economic upheavals that resulted from it. A common refrain is that it's surprisingly relaxing and comforting to watch something unabashedly, joyfully silly and lighthearted as an escape from all the stress and misery.

     Series 3 
  • In episode 3:
    • The studio watches Rob's 'domino rally', where Alex tips the crew and Rob into a ballpit with a van and a gym mat. Alex describes the making-of, then smiles and (in a rare occurence) describes setting up a contestant's attempt as "a lot of fun", which Rob agrees with.
    • Paul being Not So Stoic and smiling in disbelief when he finds out he won the episode, to everyone's enthusiastic congratulation.

     Series 4 
  • In a task clearly set up to look like a team task in theory but cause the contestants to get in each other's way in practice, Mel and Hugh nonetheless figure it out and work together to fill a tub with random objects before wrapping it in clingfilm (and Mel even wraps Alex's feet in clingfilm so they won't get cold after Hugh stole his shoes and socks). Greg puts on a show of crying Tears of Joy at their cooperation... especially in comparison to the other team, who unleashed chaos and broke stuff.
  • When the contestants are asked to bring in "their best chair", Hugh brings in what his son describes as his favourite chair, and a photo of it flashes up on screen: it's Hugh carrying his (then a toddler) son on his shoulders. Greg finds it adorable, and for once gives Hugh high marks in the prize round.

     Series 5 
  • Mark and Nish demonstrate a touching bromance, bonding through their similar efforts and levels of failure. It is especially noticeable in "The Leprechaun and the Lesbian": when it becomes clear that Aisling, Bob, and Sally would all be disqualified from the bread-slicing challenge, Mark and Nish happily hug each other and cheer because they won't be dead last for once.
  • Nish's "most incredible" footage was of him quickly and incorrectly filling out a Sudoku puzzle. Greg is so underwhelmed, he finds it necessary to go into "teacher mode" and pull Nish aside and encourage him as if he were an underperforming student.
  • Nish's sheer joy at learning that he made it to triple digit points, after being the "loser" for much of the series. He still came in last, but he was so happy that he made it to triple digits. That's the right attitude to have.
  • Mark and Nish's song for Rosalind, while very funny, also has a lot of heart. The song, sung and played by Nish on guitar, and Mark on drums, is all about how they feel they'll never be "good enough" compared to Rosalind. This is especially meaningful considering that Nish was the Butt-Monkey for all of Series 5. Greg was blown away by how touching the song was, noting that this was a rare moment where he genuinely had nothing bad to say about Nish's performance. While the other team's song was just as funny, if not more so, Greg declared Mark and Nish the winners of this round because of how much effort and soul they put into their song. Hilariously, though, Mark and Nish claim that Rosalind did not show any emotion or reaction to their performance at all.

     Series 7 
  • In "Lotta Soup", the contestants are asked to bring in the worst gift a relative gave him. James brings in a calendar made by his young nephew, each of which has a joke the nephew wrote it himself, as comedians hate being given material. Greg and the audience find it "absolutely charming", and James admits that he's fond of the gift and "really likes the guy".
  • During the live task in "The Perfect Stuff", Jessica Knappett fell off the stage. Greg, in one of the few moments across the series that he breaks his Taskmaster persona, genuinely freaks out and immediately runs over to check she's alright and help her up.
  • Despite spending most of his time tormenting Alex, making fun of Greg, and, when paired for team challenges, driving Phil and James mad with his trollish behavior, Rhod's always quick to jump to another contestant's defense over a task, even to his own detriment, and at the end of one prize task where he won he can be heard over the applause telling Phil that he thought he should have won it instead.

     Series 8 
  • During the live task of "Stuck in a Mammal Groove", which required the contestants to zip themselves up in two modified sleeping bags, Paul Sinha struggles with even getting into the first sleeping bag due to an injury to his right arm which required him to use it as little as possible. Even after the whistle is blown (signalling the end of the task) and Greg tells him that he doesn't need to, he still insists on completing the task. The other four contestants then gather round to help him suit up inside his sleeping bags.
  • Similarly, Paul's win in "Aquatic Sewing Machine" was warmly celebrated by the cast and audience; he hadn't yet won an episode and was trailing the rest of the contestants. By the time of the final task, he was in second place, only just behind Iain, and the studio task (guess what 5-syllable word Greg is about to say) was a winner-takes-all event. Iain took an early lead but Paul eventually caught up until it was neck-and-neck, until Paul guessed the final word correctly and won the show. Considering how Paul had clearly been struggling throughout the series (partly due to his undiagnosed Parkinson's disease), his victory was a truly lovely moment.

     Series 9 
  • The Series 9 panel got along so well that they thought it would be fun for them all to wear matching tuxedos to the finale.

     Series 10 
  • Since Series 10's studio parts were filmed in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic without a live audience, there were concerns on how it would impact the atmosphere of the show. Any fears were assuaged by the cast's chemistry in the premiere, as they often leave each other crying with laughter. Alex said on the Taskmaster Podcast that everyone was so glad to interact with others after being in lockdown that they started on a great mood.
  • In the finale, Greg makes fun of the allegedly poor quality of a set of home-made clay masks that Katherine Parkinson brought in for the prize round. Katherine appears to be genuinely a little bit hurt by the mockery, so later in the episode Greg gives her a bonus point for another task that she did poorly on, admitting that he thinks he went a bit too far and feels a bit bad about it. The episode winner Richard Herring also audibly makes a point of complimenting them when collecting the prizes at the end.

     Series 12 
  • The Series 12 cast reveal trailer is surprisingly sweet, as it is framed around Greg and Alex catching up while Alex cleans the studio. Greg acknowledges that he can be quite mean to Alex and has gotten him a present as a token of respect (the present being the cast members for Series 12). Given all the bullying that goes on between the two, it's a nice change of pace.

     Podcast (May Contain Series-Wide Spoilers) 
  • On episode 15 of Taskmaster: The Podcast, Josh Widdicombe discusses the filming of the Champion of Champions specials. His daughter was born a couple days before he started filming the tasks, so he was in a similar state of exhaustion as Rob Beckett was for the filming of Series 3. Shooting was also more hectic for Josh because he could only spare one day for the special, so the production compressed everything into that one day while the other champions shot their tasks over two days. After finishing the pre-recorded tasks, he found a letter in his dressing room from Alex and the production to Josh's daughter, which he later had framed on her nursery walls:
    Dear Pearl. Have the best life ever. Your time starts now.
  • On her appearance on episode 42 of the podcast, Mel Giedroyc finally reveals what she did with all those wax seals she took from the task envelopes; she ended up giving all of them but one to the son of a woman she worked with on a theatre show, who was a massive Taskmaster fan.


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