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Heartwarming / Tara Strong

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  • She personally called a disabled My Little Pony fan when she had to cancel her appearance at the Knoxville Comic and Anime Show.
  • Not exactly related to herself but some time ago, her son spent an Amazon gift card from last Hanukkah, by buying her a stuffed Raven for her.
  • This photo from Mother's Day showing Tara dressed as Twilight, and her mother-in-law dressed as Princess Celestia.
  • She came to one Comic Con dressed as Ashi basically showing that she loves the character as much as her fans do.
  • The aforementioned What the Hell, Hero? to Cree Summer. Tara had nothing to financially gain from Cree not getting the job, but she loves her old friend that much that it's more like two friends almost not getting to hang out together than two coworkers.

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