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Taken (Film)

  • After saving the pop star Sheerah from a stalker with a knife, Bryan gives her a drink and comforts her after the shock. Sheerah gives Bryan the help he needs to get Kim a shot at being a singer, offering to pay and put Kim in contact with her agent if she has a shot. When Bryan thanks her, Sheerah thanks him for saving her instead and gives him a kiss.
  • The reunion between Bryan and his daughter Kim at the end of the movie.
    Kim: (sobbing) You came for me.
    Bryan: I told you I would.
  • Bryan returning home with Kim, with the rich new husband Stuart carrying Bryans bag for him and offering to get him a ride wherever he wants to go and Lenore thanking Bryan for saving their daughter.
  • Just before the credits roll, Bryan has Kim meet Sheerah and get her chance to live her dream.
    • Happens again in the sequel, made even more heartwarming because Kim helped save Bryan.

Taken 2

  • Bryan's whole relationship with Lenore is pretty sweet, always supportive and friendly. This is highlighted when compared to the first movie, where they couldn't spend two seconds in the same room without fighting over some issue.
  • Bryan admitting he's not so different from Murad and giving him a chance to just return to his remaining family. Murad tries to shoot him from behind either way, but still.

Taken (Miniseries)

  • In "Maintenance", Jacob Clarke uses his Psychic Powers to create an image of his alien father John so that it will be the final thing that his mother Sally sees before she dies.