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  • The video Girl Talk is full of these:
    • T-Boz and Chili wearing clothing with the words "Left Eye".
    • The montage of people with a black stripe underneath their eye during Lisa's rap verse.
    • The animated versions of all three girls meeting up, dancing together, and laughing and hugging at the end, as the words, "In Loving Memory of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes" appear.
    • T-Boz's daughter, Chase, Chili's son, Tron, and Lisa's adopted daughter, Snow, all appear in the video. It's adorable.
  • Their new song, ''Meant To Be''.
  • T-Boz and Chili not replacing Lisa is one, seeing how they don't see anybody replacing someone as special as her.
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  • FanMail in it's entirety, as it's dedicated to all the fans.

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