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Heartwarming / TJ Omega

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  • Despite the sarcasm and dark humor in his video reviews, he makes his appreciation to fans known in his v-logs.
  • At the end of the GI Joe Extreme review, TJ goes into the origins of the GI Joe franchise, explaining that it was based on Sgt. Mitchell Paige, who single-handily defended his outpost in the Battle of Guadalcanal against invading Japanese forces in WWII. He goes further, explaining that since its origins, the GI Joe toy-line had exemplified patriotism and heroism from all parts of the armed forces, and that GI Joe Extreme spat on all that, glorifying violence and 90's attitude instead.
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  • The last half of his G1 Squawktalk and Beastbox Toycember video is the definition of this. His talking about how much he missed the ones he had as a kid really brings on the feels.

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