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Heartwarming / Swimming in Terror

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  • In chapter six, Hibiki is about to cry, because she saw the place where Kimmie died and doesn't want to move. Hinata then comes to comfort her, and a little heartwarming moment happens:
    “Hibiki.” Hinata squeezed my arm. “I know you miss her. I didn't get to know Hanamura that well, and I wish I got to know him better. But you can’t keep holding onto the past. It’ll destroy you.”
    I looked up to Hinata’s eyes... “You’re right.” I said, trying not to make it obvious that my voice was on the verge of breaking. “If I keep wishing for the past, I won’t appreciate the future.”
    • They hug after this. Really, even if you think Hibiki is a Mary Sue, it was still cute.
  • Souda calls his secret crush Fukashigi-senpai. According to the author, fukashigi can mean "mystery." It can also mean "wonder" or "miracle."
  • It's a little heartwarming to see Hibiki caring about Sonia.
  • In her troll character, she gave a shout out to another (presumably) troll character. However, Hibiki's responce is cute:
    Jezbel was my favorite character! She was so cool and nice. In fact, she was nice to almost everyone. She is what I strive to be.
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  • Out of the fic, Katie is actually a really nice girl.

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