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Heartwarming / Swamp Thing

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  • In Strange Fruit, the cast and crew filming a historical drama on the grounds of a former slave plantation are caught in a Vicious Cycle that forces them (and anyone buried in the nearby slave graveyard) to relive the plantation's dark history. It entrances Alice (an old black woman who is one of Abby's coworkers and was recruited as an extra for filming) into sowing salt around the premises, in a bid to stop the undead from the slave graveyard from coming up to the mansion. Just as she's about to be overwhelmed, one of the zombies pushes his way to the front of the horde to call out to her by name, which breaks her out from the trance: it turns out that the zombie was her father, who died when Alice was young and was buried in the graveyard because her family could not afford a regular burial. After a tearful reunion, she follows her father and the remainder of the undead slaves to the mansion in order to break the cycle and "demand their freedom".
  • Alec and Abby finally discussing their feelings for each other. Initially, Abby thinks she's misread things, and Alec doesn't love her romantically.
    Abby: (crying) There's something wrong with me. I build things up in my mind. You're a plant for God's sake. How could you possibly love me?
    Alec: Deeply... Silently... and for too many long years.
    • Cue Big Damn Kiss.

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