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Heartwarming / Supreme Power

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  • Mark and Stan have a real, sweet, genuine friendship, bonding over the fact that they're different, and that they can really understand each other. Race, even species, is no issue between them. After the government outs Hyperion as an alien, and everyone's running scared from him, he and Stan have a nice, quite talk, where Stan gives Mark a message from Stan's mom. "If you see that nice, flying white boy, you tell him I said to hell with the government, he's welcome in my home anytime."
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  • Doctor Spectrum meets Amphibian while in his bubble underwater and they bond with each other with Doctor Spectrum becoming close with her and when he asks her about her parents she tells him she doesn’t have any parents which Doctor Spectrum tells her that he’s sorry about that and later on takes her to his house so that she does not have to live all alone in the sea and they become very much best friends while living together.

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