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Heartwarming / Superman: Secret Origin

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You will believe a man can fly

  • Once he starts taking on a Secret Identity, Clark begins feeling isolated and alone. The Legion of Superheroes appear and assure him that he won't feel so alone in the future.
  • A rocketship similar to Clark's suddenly appears, threatening to crash into the Kent's home. Clark flies into action and manages to divert it into the nearby field. Clark is cautious about the ship's contents at first...then he hears a dog bark.
  • When Superman rescues Lois Lane for the first time. Up to that point it's been established that while Lois is a great writer she's also very cynical and believes Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!. Then a man in a cape flies out of the sky to save her. When they finally get down to the ground she asks him who he is. He smiles and says, "Just someone who wants to help". Her look of awe and here desire to see him again when he leaves shows that the man in the cape who just wants to help knocked a good chunk of the cynicism out of her.
  • Superman's encounter with Jimmy Olsen on the Planet building's roof has a number of sweet aspects.
    • Supes has been having an absolutely horrible day in some ways — after being attacked by Parasite, he has to deal with Luthor trying to spin the whole incident against him, which some people have actually bought intonote . As Superman heads for the Planet building's roof for some alone time, he sees Jimmy standing on the edge. Seeing what looks for all the world like a suicide about to happen, he instantly forgets about his own problems and flies toward the boy, shouting, "Don't jump!"
    • Superman and Jimmy bonding over feeling out of place in Metropolis and wondering if they made a mistake coming there. The conversation isn't exactly cheerful, but it's sweet that the insanely powerful alien and the largely ignored intern can confide in each other about how insecure they're feeling.
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    • As Superman is leaving, he says that he hasn't made a lot of friends since his arrival in Metropolis and tries to get the teen to stay by saying it would be a shame if he lost his Only Friend.
    • When Superman is about to fly off, Jimmy asks if he could stay for a moment and let him take a picture. Supes protests, as he's been trying to avoid that, but Jimmy begs him, saying it would mean a lot, and Superman acquiesces. The next morning, the Daily Planet is running Jimmy's photo, along with the only positive headline Supes has gotten in the entire city.


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