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  • In Episode 17, "Money for Nothin' and Bits for Free", Malcolm creates a virus that steals money from other people's bank accounts — including Sam and his father. With Sam coming to grips that he might have to sell his precious guitar, his little sister Elizabeth calls him to the laundry chute... and sends him her piggy bank.
    Elizabeth: Mom says we all have to help!
    • In the same episode Malcolm has been flaunting his stolen money and been making his classmates do humiliating stunts to receive a handout. Sam has refused to cave in and derides his friends for selling out like that. Soon after he finds out his sister's been in an accident and needs an expensive operation, whereupon he immediately swallows his pride and agrees to hit his girlfriend in the face with a pie for the money.
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  • There's a handful of moments that show that somewhere in Malcolm there is potential for kindness. He seems touched a few times when Sam tries to offer support and once he grudgingly did his half of a report on family history.


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