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Heartwarming / Supergirl (Rebirth)

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  • Supergirl clearly likes her foster parents. Pre-Crisis Kara had her cousin and the Danvers to help her adapt to Earth. Post-Crisis Supergirl had her cousin, her cousinís wife, her cousin's clone and the Kents (whom she called Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Martha). New 52 Kara had no family to lean on (although it partially her fault because she turned her cousin down every time he wanted to help her), which exacerbated her loneliness and anger management issues and her Survivor Guilt. Now she has a family again, and she has bonded with them after a few weeks.
  • The Danvers family work together to repair the D. E. O. base:
    Eliza: But before you whisk it all away, just take a moment to feel the time, the sweat... the real cost of an attack like this... as we face it together.
  • In Supergirl #1, Supergirl is flying away from her foster parents' house, feeling she will never manage to fit in... and she listens to Jeremiah and Eliza telling that they will never give up on her.