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Heartwarming / Sufjan Stevens

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  • The climax of "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!"
  • The trumpets in the chorus of "Chicago."
    • As well as the trumpets throughout "The Transfiguration."
  • "To Be Alone with You" is simultaneously an innocent love song and a message to Jesus.
  • "The Dress Looks Nice on You" is an adorable song featuring the heartwarming lyrics, "I see a lot of life in you... I see a lot of light in you."
  • All of "Futile Devices."
  • "Djohariah," written for Sufjan's sister of the same name. Something of a Sequel Song to an earlier heart-warmer, "Sister," which was written for his other sibling, Megan. Both consist of a long instrumental buildup followed by a more subdued outpouring of brotherly support and encouragement.
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  • After ruminating over the inevitability of death and coming to terms with his mother's decisions, "Death With Dignity" ends with the song's narrator forgiving the absent mother the album of Carrie and Lowell was inspired by.
  • The unreleased concert-only "Majesty Snowbird" can bring a tear to one's eye once the chorus is reached.
  • "Tonya Harding" is a graceful retelling of the eponymous Tonya's controversial life and career. Far from making her the butt of the joke as has been so often done, Sufjan's respect and admiration shines through in every verse.

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