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  • Near the start of the comic when Feral has just taken in Meela and the two had a rocky night in the inn, he goes out to catch some fish and eats it alone, not bothering to share it with Meela. After she sits there hungry for a while, he takes pity on her and teaches her how to catch fish. It's notable as one of the first kind things he's done for her, as she initially asks him if he was going to drown her.
  • After Meela gets poisoned by Visrial, the amount of caring that Feral shows for her is incredibly sweet, as he does everything he can to get her to safety and cure her of the poison. This isn't even too long after when he considered just a nuisance.
    • After everything's done, too, there's a moment when Meela admits to Feral she's not very good at anything and begs Feral to teach her how to bounty hunt and otherwise take care of herself. She doesn't think that he likes her or even wants to help, but after a moment of silence Feral roughly tousles her hair in response. This is especially sweet since we know from Holland's experience that tousling hair is about the only way Feral shows affection.
  • After Meela runs away to her former home and gets into all that trouble with Korin, Feral finds the "wolf" that Tannor made Meela at the very start of the comic. He then gives it back to her, prompting poor Meela to cry and go for a Cry into Chest hug. It also quickly turns into a funny moment when a confused Feral frantically gestures to Holland for help, while Holland sits there, cooing over how friggin adorable it is and hand-waving Feral, as if to say "Nuh-uh. This is a you problem."
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  • All interactions between young Holland and Feral. Not only is Holland adorable at his young age as he interacts with the heavily damaged Feral, but later we learn that Holland taking a shine to Feral is what helped him to recover emotionally from his battle with Mal, and is what saved his life. And, in Holland's words, he only did that because he thought Feral "could use a friend."
  • Holland shares a great deal of concern for both Meela and Feral throughout the story despite them not really having much to do with him. After he learns about Meela's demon-lupian nature he does what he can to help her keep it under control, cooling her down after she goes to town on the bounty hunter Korin. Feral can't talk or do as much in the way of comforting people, so whenever Meela's upset it's Holland who's looking after her.
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  • After the climax of the webcomic and Meela and Feral haven't talked in days since she attacked him for killing her family, the two finally sit down to talk it out and there's the promise that one day things will be back to normal for them.

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