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Heartwarming / Strawberry Shortcake

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1980s series

  • Strawberry befriending Orange Blossom in the second special has them swinging on swings together, praising each other's skills, sharing every interest they have, holding hands, and ending with walking down the street together while singing how "we're a we, and we're friends."

2003-2007 series

  • Both times Sour Grapes cries Tears of Joy. That a show targeted to young girls clearly cares about its middle-aged female antagonist is very sweet.
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  • In the Berry Blossom Festival, when the Pieman and Sour Grapes cheat to win, Huckleberry Pie asks everyone, including the audience, to stand up for Strawberry via an awesome song.
  • When Huckleberry Pie's original voice actor, James Street, died in an accident, the final soundtrack CD he lent his voice to was dedicated to him.


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