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Heartwarming / Storm Front

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  • Murphy taking Harry back home after he passes out in her office, holding his hand the whole time.
    • Becomes a little less so if you notice that unlike later examples in the series, he never asked her not to take him to a hospital, so she really should've brought him to the ER instead: head injuries can be very serious, and he'd already passed out and thrown up from it.
      • In Murph's defense, she already knew that Harry and technology don't mix and that going to a hospital would be a bad idea for the other patients.
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  • Morgan might be a real Knight Templar type, but he has a sense of honor and is serious about his work. Despite how he feels about Harry, he saves the latter's life and clears his name when it becomes obvious that Harry not only wasn't responsible for the killings, but risked his life to stop the real murderer.

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