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  • Twilight and Ascentia.
    • Most of their scenes not centered around Twilight's abuse usually involve obscene amounts of snuggling.
    • Ascentia's nickname, "Kitten."
    • When Twilight starts to agonize over putting so many scars into Ascentia's body, a sleeping Ascentia is constantly interrupting her by snuggling up to her.
    • Despite everything that happens throughout the story (and is said to have happened before) there is no doubt that they love eachother very much.
  • Apple Bloom coming out of the closet is a little heartwarming, especially since she's at the age where most people start to discover their sexuality.
  • While not present during the delivery, Scootaloo being there for Fluttershy and excited to meet her new brother is worth mentioning. It's another sweet moment between the two as Scootaloo is fully embracing Fluttershy being her mother as well. The two being there for each other when Rainbow Dash was institutionalized is awesome in its own right.
  • Twilight's excitement in meeting baby Sunrise after she's born is adorable.

     The Dash Family 

     The Razzle Dazzle 

     The Littlest Dazzle 
  • Adagio who is a pedophile dies tragically .
    • I mean she grooms her own kids into being her subs that's not cool so her death is very heart warming

     Illicit Disco 

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