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Heartwarming / Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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  • Star Fox are a mercenary company, and the only reason they're in the Atlas System is to pursue a known criminal, likely on the request of General Pepper. They still jump in to help the Starlink pilots against the Forgotten Legion (even if Peppy is reluctant to do so at first). The unlikely alliance of the crew from Earth and the famous Lylatian mercenaries quickly becomes a strong bond, as shown in the Switch story trailer, with Mason and Fox sharing an arm-bump out of camaraderie. The Forgotten Legion has no idea who they're messing with.
  • An early side mission has you looking for data capsules containing video files made by St. Grand. Most of them are pretty sweet, with St. Grand explaining why he recruited each member of Starlink, but of note is Judge's file. When he discovers the alien Mind Hive that crashed in Antarctica, St. Grand decides that he's going to get Judge home (rather than, say, experimenting on him or perceiving the entity as a threat), wherever it is, and the Starlink Initiative is formed as a result.
    • Even Levi gets an overall sweet file. While St. Grand makes clear his disdain for Levi's Social Media Before Reason tendencies, he still acknowledges that Levi earned all of his subscribers and that even though he was a stowaway, the Initiative wouldn't feel complete without him.

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