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    Season 1 
  • "Children of the Gods"
    • The Undying Loyalty O’Neill, Kawalski, and Ferretti have for the people of Abydos, willing to risk court martial by falsifying their reports on the Abydos mission by claiming the Stargate was destroyed. And how quickly O’Neill drops the façade to protect the Abydonians, challenging the authority of a general when the latter still insists on sending through a nuclear device to destroy the Abydos Stargate and, by extension, the Abydonians.
      • Hammond demonstrating himself to be a Bait-and-Switch Tyrant by rethinking his orders to bomb the Abydos Stargate after reflecting on O’Neill’s words about the innocents living on the other side.
    • Daniel’s goodbye to the Abydonians is as heartwarming as it is a Tearjerker.
      Daniel: Now as soon as we're gone, I want you to close it, bury it, put a big, heavy cover stone over it—nothing good can ever come through this 'gate. Do you understand me?
      Abydonian: You came through, Daniel.
    • After Teal'c's Heel–Face Turn against Apophis' henchmen, he seems shell-shocked, realizing his life has turned upside down. When he tells Jack O'Neill that he now has nowhere to go, Jack lightheartedly tells the Jaffa that he can live at his place.
      • At the end of the series premiere, the entire team stands in front of the Gate in what is an obvious, yet still heartwarming money shot.
  • "Cold Lazarus", the revelation that the crystal-energy being just wanted to help Jack heal from the loss of his son. Specifically, the crystal being thought it could just bring his son back. It didn't understand that he *couldn't* be brought back because he was dead. The being said later "physical death is not the same for us". Basically, the crystal beings don't have a concept of permanent death.
  • The entire team agreeing to defend Teal'c in "Cor'Ai".
    • The man accusing Teal'c of the murder of his father (which he admits), and preparing to execute Teal'c himself, witnesses his selfless attempt to protect the innocents from a Goa'uld attack. Upon seeing this and Teal'c's calm acceptance that he is ready accept his fate, the man spares him, telling Teal'c that the man who killed his father is dead, and that "You killed him."
  • The rest of the team believing Daniel in "Politics".

    Season 2 
  • At the end of the first episode of the second season, the team has defeated Apophis sort of and gone back to Earth. But they had to leave Daniel, injured and dying, on Apophis' ship. When they get back to SGC, though, he's already there. Sam says his name in this shocked voice, and Jack shouts "Space Monkey, yeah!" and goes over and hugs him. The final shot, of the team and just about everyone else in SGC hugging as the camera zooms out through the Stargate, had to get a smile out of everyone.
  • "Message in a Bottle". Teal'c standing by O'Neill saying "undomesticated equines could not remove me". "Wild horses, Teal'c".
    • Plus the end when the SGC is saved and the you see General Hammond looking out at the team. He puts his hand out and rests it on a monitor. It's a small moment but you can feel that he's a father to his men.
  • "Bane". It's not Teal'c getting Ally a new, improved Super Soaker because of their Intergenerational Friendship. It's Teal'c pulling out a giant Super Soaker of his own, turning to spray Daniel with it, and then running off to play with Ally.
  • The scene between Jacob Carter and Selmak in "The Tok'ra, Part 2". It's played almost like a romance.
  • "The Fifth Race". O'Neill is about to step through the Stargate to...somewhere...with no guarantee of getting back or even surviving. Teal'c: "I will accompany you, O'Neill".
  • The final confrontation between Jack and the increasingly crazed Daniel in "Need" has the two embracing after the fight when Jack recognizes the warning signs within Daniel (who has kept using the sarcophagus to feel better throughout the episode), implying that he went through similar episodes sometime prior to the series. This says a lot about their friendship despite their ups and downs, as Jack is willing to be Daniel's shoulder to cry on until the latter calms down.

    Season 3 
  • In the Season 3 premiere "Into the Fire", immediately after O'Neill wakes up in the cryo-chamber where the undercover Tok'ra placed him to kill the Gou'ald symbiote with which he'd been implanted, he kills Hathor by throwing her into the cryo-chamber, then rushes over to check on an unconscious Carter. When she sits up, he's so relieved he gives her a bear hug. Doubles as a CMOF when Carter asks how he is, and, still hugging her, he says, "Cold! I'm a little chilly. But I'm still me."
    • From "Into the Fire", Hammond is sending out all available SG teams to save SG-1, and before they go through the gate, he stops and tells than that he doesn't want to order them to do this, so if they are willing to go on the mission, he asks that they take one step forward. Before he can even finish the sentence, with military precision, the entire crowd of SG members take a step forward. It makes your heart soar to see that when it comes down to it, the whole of the Stargate forces are there for each other no matter what.
  • While being out of phase in "Crystal Skull", Daniel is able to listen in on a conversation that Hammond has with his grandchildren and how he won't be able to make it out to see their play because a good friend of his is missing and he needs to find them.
  • Their gentle treatment of Daniel actually being crazy in "Legacy".
  • In "Forever in a Day", Sha're manages to send a message to Daniel through the Goa'uld hand device telling him to find her son...and not to be angry with Teal'c for killing her.
  • In "A Hundred Days". When Teal'c and O'Neill are reunited after O'Neill was stranded for three months. "Teal'c, you are one stubborn son of a bitch". The look on his face when he sees his friend risking everything to rescue him.

    Season 4 
  • The episode where the Tok'ra show up with their truth-machine and O'Neill has to admit that he cares for Carter "a lot more than [he's] supposed to" to clear suspicions of being spies.
  • Jack talking down the grieving archeologist who's accidentally caused a "Groundhog Day" Loop to try to see his wife again. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Teal'c receiving his first ever birthday present.
  • The Asgard naming their newest warship the O'Neill. Thor calls it "Our last great hope."

    Season 5 
  • O'Neill and the rest of the team protecting Tyler in "The Fifth Man", much to the alien's confusion.
    O'Neill: I told you, we don't leave our people behind.
    Tyler: (stunned) But, I am not one of your people.
    O'Neill: (thoughtfully) Could have fooled me. As a matter-of-fact, you did fool me.
  • Jack getting all protective of Daniel when he thought Reese had tried to hurt him in "Menace".
    • Daniel interacting with Reese was so sweet.
  • The entire team's individual mini-monologues when Daniel was dying in "Meridian".

    Season 6 
  • Egeria, the long-assumed-dead Queen of the Tok'ra is found alive in "Cure", after being imprisoned by Ra for thousands of years and then used for medical experiments for the last 50, and for the last 25 years forced to give birth to millions of new symbiotes so the Pangarens can use them for an addictive cure-all medication until it nearly kills her (though, granted, they were ignorant of who she really was, and were horrified when they found out). After being given a new human host at long last while she dies, what's her last act alive? Giving her torturers the antidote to the medication so they can live.
  • More Danny: pretty much every sequence between him and Jack in "Abyss". Later, him visiting Teal'c in "The Changeling".
  • Thor's appearance at the end of "Disclosure", where he arrives in a meeting with government representatives from world powers to encourage them to keep General Hammond in charge of the SGC. To put this in perspective, this is the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet - i.e., the guy who always tells the Tau'ri he's too busy fighting the Replicators a galaxy away to lend a spare ship, and he puts all of this aside to travel all the way to Earth to put in a good word for his Tau'ri friends.
  • Remember the red phone that connects directly to the U.S President that General Hammond has in his office? The first number on his speed-dial is of his grandchildren. It's a rewatch bonus, as it's initially played off as comedy. That's right, Hammond cares for his family so much that none of the other characters even question the decision to have the leader of the free world take backseat to his grandchildren.
  • At the end of season, when Jonas is about to go home, Jack - who primarily took him on just to keep a Russian officer off his team, having not wanted to replace Daniel with anyone - pauses and says, "Hey. You earned your place."

    Season 7 
  • I don't know why, but Jack giving him back his glasses after he Descends in the premiere always gives me the warm fuzzies. Made especially poignant as Daniel cannot remember the important of his glasses, Jack, or this gesture of friendship.
  • Teal'c, in "Orpheus", has a crisis of confidence over his comparative lack of strength after taking Tretonin and thinks he might die. He then asks Jack to watch over Rya'c for him.
  • In "Grace", Sam conjuring up the images of SG-1 to keep her going, and what each of them represents in that state; Teal'c for strength, Daniel for curiosity, and Jack for hope. It shows just how much she needs them, and how they are all important to her.
  • Stargate SG-1 has pulled off some truly heartwarming moments, but none bigger than the episode "Heroes". When Dr. Fraiser dies, instead of giving a traditional eulogy, Sam Carter lists the names of the many people who are alive because of her being at the SGC. This is followed by an even bigger one from documentarian Emmett Bregman:
    "Our armed forces have turned the tide of world wars. Young men and women from our great country's four corners have humbled history's worse times. We carve our thanks in stone. We stamp it into metals. We carefully tend to the vast fields where the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom now lay. More than ever in our history, we cannot fail to pass these stories of courage to the next generation. We must capture their imaginations while paying tribute to all those willing to die for the preservation of our way of life."
    • In Part 2, Emmett Bregman's outraged rant at the press officers trying to prevent him from filming, pointing out that he's trying to show the SGC (and all their sacrifices) in a positive light. He goes on to say that all he wants is to show the public is the truth they deserve, free from government and military lies, innuendo and omissions. After appearing somewhat self-serving in Part 1, we see that all of his press antics are because he really believes in what he does and that the press has a solemn duty to report the truth, even if they don't want them to!
    • Carter had actually been struggling to write the eulogy earlier in the episode, lamenting to Teal'c that nothing seemed good enough. Teal'c hands her a slip of paper and quietly tells her that it's what he would say, and Carter smiles as she looks at it.
  • The quiet moments between Jack and Sam in "Lost City".
  • During the two-parter "Evolution", the team (minus Daniel) get captured by a minor System Lord while trying to capture the Kull warrior gunning for him. After some work they manage to convince their guard that his "god" was going to abandon him and his people. After the guard frees them, he just stands there looking a little unsure of what to do with himself now. Jack just gives him a friendly pat on the back and absently tells him "Let's go." A nice little moment.

    Season 8 
  • Look at the faces of the SGC personnel when Jack gets promoted. Never mind the faces of SG-1, everyone in that base looks so damn happy that Jack O'Neill is now in command. You can feel the respect and pride for him pouring of every single one of them.
  • Jack being summoned to the gate room and finding the entire personnel of the SGC standing there show their continued support of Jack's decisions and leadership at a time when he’s feeling more uncertain than ever about his position as commander of SGC.
  • "Avatar." Teal'c is trapped in an Unwinnable Training Simulation, and analysis from the others reveals that the program's ability to learn based on the user includes incorporating Teal'c's belief that that the Goa'uld could never be defeated. When Daniel enters the program to assist him however, they eventually meet success, with Fridge adding the heartwarming. Teal'c knew he couldn't do it alone, but doing it with his True Companions was another story.
    • From the same episode, the plan to send someone else into the game to help Teal'c. The two-second "precognition" they'll get may not be enough to help, the game may adapt and cancel the advantage, and the second player may be trapped alongside Teal'c in an unwinnable situation that may eventually kill them.
      O'Neill, Carter, and Daniel: I'll do it.
  • In "Affinity", Teal'c gets an apartment off base and becomes very popular and something of a local legend in his neighborhood for helping everyone out from fixing pipes to stopping muggers. At the end as Teal'c is moving out one of the local kids shows Teal'c he painted Teal'c forehead tattoo on his skateboard to remember him by. Teal'c replies he "Is honored" by the gesture which is really special when you consider that it is the symbol for Apophis and Teal'c in the past said it symbolized "Slavery to false gods."
  • "Threads". Teal'c and Bra'tac are discussing who will lead the free Jaffa. While Bra'tac seems sure he will die soon, Teal'c is unwilling to admit his mentor is too old and seems sure his mentor will provide wisdom and guidance to the Jaffa for years to come.
    Bra'tac: Talk to me in fifty years.
    Teal'c: Indeed, I will.

    Season 9 
  • A good moment for Mitchell, they had one episode ("Collateral Damage") where he was accused of murder. The rest of the cast spent the entire episode trying to prove his innocence. For a lot of people, that was the moment when he was really part of the team.
  • In "Stronghold", Landry giving Mitchell permission to use a memory recall device to show his life-long friend Ferguson some of his memories of the past year working for the SGC; memories which easily could have been his, if he hadn't taken shrapnel whilst saving Mitchell's life and developed a brain aneurysm, preventing him from getting into the X-302 program.
    • Landry gets another one when giving the go-ahead on the plan to rescue Teal'c from Ba'al, simply because;
    Landry: Teal'c's family. I don't like people screwing with my family.

    Season 10 
  • The episode "Line in the Sand" was one of the darkest points in the series. About halfway through the episode, Sam, who was shot earlier, tells Mitchell the password to a sealed file on her computer that has goodbye letters to everyone. Besides the password being "Fishing" — a nice callback to an earlier episode — Mitchell's only response is "Aww, man, now you're gonna have to change your password!" His utter (unfounded) conviction that she would make it had me grinning for hours. She lived.
  • In "Family Ties", Vala's dad Jacek is a complete and total jerk, but it's sweet when he finally succeeded in giving her the necklace he'd been trying to give her all episode. It's also nice to know that she didn't throw the jewelry box he gave her as a child away after all.
  • Sam and Cam repeatedly making each other macaroons whenever one of them is in the hospital. They're always terrible, but it's nice to know that they're making the effort.
  • Daniel convincing an amnesiac Vala to trust him in "Memento Mori".
  • In the Series Finale "Unending", the Asgard entrusting their legacy to the people of Earth. That's a huge vote of confidence.
    Thor: You are the Fifth Race. Your role is clear. If there is any hope in preserving the future, it lies with you, and your people.

  • Just about every episode Teal'c and his family are together again.
  • When Don S. Davis (General Hammond), who had been absent from the series except for guest roles for a few seasons, died in 2008, it made his previously-filmed appearance in the subsequently-released Stargate Continuum straight-to-DVD movie more poignant, especially when Carter says, "It's good to see you again, sir."
    • Meanwhile, in the series finale of Stargate Atlantis, the Daedalus-class ship about to be commissioned for Colonel Carter's command had its name changed at the last minute — from the Phoenix (as Carter's ship in an alternate reality was named) to the George Hammond, in honor of the recently deceased Hammond (and, of course, his actor).
      • The Rule of Symbolism in that makes it even better - even though the general has passed on, his service to the SGC and the people of Earth will continue. In a sense, Hammond has been "reborn" through the ship, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
  • The name for Thor's starships after he meets the SG-1 crew- The Jack O'Neill and the Daniel Jackson.
    • Which leads to this humorous exchange:
    O'Neill: [after his mind is uploaded to Thor's ship's computer so he can put the ancient knowledge that is taking over his brain to good use] What's going on?
    Thor: Your mind has been interfaced with the Daniel Jackson.
    O'Neill: What?
    Jackson: What?!
  • A season or so after Jack O'Neill was written out of the show, Richard Dean Anderson went to the producers and asked for an occasional guest role. Even though he'd retired to spend more time with his family, he'd enjoyed working on the show so much that he wanted to stay involved. He even continued to appear occasionally in the two spin-offs.


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