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Heartwarming / Star-Crossed

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S01 E01 - Pilot

  • Roman and Emery's first meeting as teenagers. Emery clearly would be happy to have Roman help hospital patients (as she was one herself once), but has to apologetically inform him the Sector curfew regulations would interfere with his ability to help out. Roman, for his part, manages a friendly conversation with Emery and shows no animosity as they part company.

S01 E02 - These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

  • In the tense first few minutes after the Atrian Seven enter the Homecoming Carnival, a young human girl runs up to Teri and presents her with a blue bracelet. Teri, not normally kindly disposed to humans, smiles and thanks the girl.

S01 E03 - Our Toil Shall Strive To Mend

  • Roman's speech after the Red Hawks hijacked the Arrival Day video.

S01 E04 - And Left No Friendly Drop

  • Emery getting Sophia a swimming outfit so she has something nice to wear at the swim meet.

S01 E09 - Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars

  • Sophia kisses Taylor, who tells her she's already tried the 'girl-on-girl thing' and it wasn't for her. Then she genuinely apologizes.
  • Drake and Taylor begin to open up to each other and they watch the meteor shower over Earth together.
  • Roman, in a roundabout way, admits to Emery he can't push her away in the name of "protecting" her.

S01 E10 - What Storm Is This That Blows So?

  • Eric tells Julia he was being an idiot after seeing, in Grayson, the kind of obsessive anti-Atrian attitude he used to have. And then she kisses him.
  • Sophia to Taylor:
    Taylor: Do you think that I'm the kind of girl that's worth fighting for?
    Sophia: I think you're the kind of girl people go to war for.
    (They share a kiss)

S01 E11 - Give Me A Torch

  • Sophia sees Taylor in her car:
    Sophia: I brought you something from the Sector. It's called odyi. Striking, wild. It reminded me of you. (beat) In case you were wondering, this is kind of my way of asking you to the Winter Blast.

S01 E13 - Passion Lends Them Power

  • Gloria showing Taylor the planned Atrian community which will let them live as humans do, which would let ler live with Drake and raise her child within a true community rather than transiting back and forth between Edendale and The Sector.

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