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Heartwarming / Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation²

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  • When Picard enters the TARDIS. It's surprisingly adorable to see Picard marvel at what's probably the second most iconic spacecraft in modern science fiction, aside from the Enterprise herself.
    • For his part, The Doctor expresses a great appreciation for the Enterprise-D in Issue 2. Even complimenting the design of the ships bridge.
  • After the Doctor and Guinan are introduced to each other in Issue 4, Picard notes that the Doctor reminds him of her. Guinan takes the observation as a compliment.
    • When Troi introduces herself to Amy and Rory. She's able to sense how protective they are of him, so Amy explains why:
    Amy: He's so alone. He's done everything for everyone, for so long. And no one knows it. No one ever knows. He thinks he's looking out for us. But he needs us. Even if he sometimes forgets.
  • Issue #5, Rory admiring the Enterprise sickbay.
  • Troi gives The Doctor the idea to send somebody other than himself to talk sense into Picard, so who does he send? Amy.


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