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  • Every film has a recurring theme of turning enemies into allies. With the exception of Mr. Lisp and Tick-Tock, every major villain ends up redeemed by the end of the film.

Spy Kids

  • It's easy to see why Carmen and Juni adore the bedtime story: it tells the tale of how one kind gesture between two spies, conditioned to feel no emotional attachment, broke down their barriers. As Ingrid recounts, Gregorio's honor won over his assignment to kill her, and he could appreciate the irony that she was assigned to kill him.
  • Before their estrangement, Gregorio trusted Machete enough to make him best man at the wedding. In the safe house, he kept a photo of them, smiling happily.
  • When Carmen and Juni track down Machete, asking him for help; they have a fight about him not wanting to bail out his little brother, their father. Even so, he feeds them dinner and gives them a place to stay; he gruffly says it's because Carmen and Juni are "a Cortez". When Carmen says he doesn't just care about money, he shakes his head and wishes her good night when she whispers Gregorio misses him.
  • Machete's reaction to learning that the kids stole the plane. He obviously first runs out to stop them, but he gives them a wave when they wish him goodbye.
  • Floop taking Juni's advice about his show needing heart, and bringing the Carmen and Juni robots onto the show.
    • The very fact that Floop only ever cares about his show doing well. He never cares about the villainous schemes going on. All he wants is to make his show better.
  • Gregorio and Machete hug it out after the battle, both of which having fighting since before the show and not having any idea what caused the fight in the first place, M sobbing some Manly Tears because of it.
  • Carmen confessing everything to her parents about all the times she ran away from home or skipped school behind their back when she finally finds them. And we get this exchange:
    Ingrid: Is that what you want to be, free from your family?
    Carmen: I used to. Not anymore.
  • Carmen and Juni growing their relationship from the first movie on.
  • Carmen telling the boss that if the agency wants the Cortezes, they need to call them all, in the first film. She doesn't want her and her brother to fight alone.
  • The scene where Carmen tries to give Juni the McDonald's meal in the safehouse is actually quite sweet. For once throughout the movie, he isn’t annoying her and is extremely depressed. It also counts as a Tear Jerker as the framed photo he is looking at is Ingrid and Gregorio on their wedding day and Carmen tried to reassure him that they’ll see their parents again.

Game Over

  • During the climax of the third movie, Gregorio is working on The Fifth Brain project. He's about to activate it and even says it's the most important moment of his life when his kids call him for help. Without a moment's hesitation he sweeps everything off the table and takes off.
    • And Felix follows right after him, this is super heartwarming because of what he says: "Well I'm their uncle." This is super heartwarming because after one whole movie of telling them he's not their uncle, he decides to accept it, he is their uncle.
  • Gertie's advice to Juni:
    Gertie: That's good. It's good to take care of your family. But, remember one thing... everyone's your family.
  • As goofy as the third film is, there is one moment: Throughout the film, Juni is warned by everyone to not let Grandpa Valentin meet up with the Toymaker, as he's the reason he's in a wheelchair. Juni however trusts Valentin and knows he wouldn't hurt anybody. Makes it more heartwarming that Valentin actually confronts the forgive him. Valentin understood that the Toymaker's fall was largely due to being unable to forgive himself for the mistakes that lead to Valentin's injury. Yes, Valentin lost precious parts of his life, but he also learned about humility, spirituality and understanding. The only thing he asks is if the the Toymaker can forgive himself. The Toymaker is very grateful and finally makes peace with his mistakes, which leads to the film's happy ending.
  • “To family.”