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Heartwarming / Spots Off

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Spots Off stands out as one of the most optimistic "mass reveal" fics in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, because despite the obvious potential consequences of Ladybug's secret identity being exposed, she receives no end of support here:

  • Alya's immediate reaction. While some reveal fics have Alya feeling betrayed about her best friend lying to her for so long, here she runs forward, hugs her and is nothing but delighted. In turn, when Marinette learns that her transformation may have been caught on camera, she refuses to hold it against Alya.
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  • Chat Noir's visit in Chapter 3. From the moment he comes in through the skylight, he does his best to make it clear that he's not disappointed by who she is, assuring her that she's a hero in and out of costume, and pulling her into a hug when she breaks down in front of him.
    Chat Noir: You don’t have to punish yourself for this. Even if it was your fault, which I will personally never believe it was. No one’s asking you to handle it alone. (pulls back, presses his forehead to hers and looks her in the eyes.) We all want to help you. Do you believe me?
    Marinette: (meets his gaze and sees the unconditional support and love in his eyes) I mean… I guess
    Chat Noir: (quietly laughing) You guess?
    Marinette: Fine, I believe you.
    Chat Noir: Good. Because you aren’t alone, Marinette. And we can deal with this, together.
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  • After Chat Noir unmasks for her and Marinette manages to stop freaking out about it, she realises that she loves Adrien more than ever, and when he tells her that he's been in love with her since they defeated Stoneheart, she leans forward and kisses him. "It was just like she had always pictured in her dreams, only better because this wasn’t kissing some idolized stranger, this was kissing her partner and her friend. It was perfect."
  • Marinette giving Adrien her blessing for him to reveal his secret to Alya and Nino, who take it as well as they took Marinette's reveal.
  • Tom and Sabine assuring Marinette that they're proud of her and have complete faith in her as Ladybug.
  • After seeing the video of Ladybug de-transforming, Nadja Chamack refused to sell out Marinette and told her coworkers that if they had any decency at all they would respect whatever privacy she had left. And after she learns that the Mayor is being pressured to withdraw his support for the heroes, which would result in Marinette being prosecuted for vigilantism, she takes it upon herself to change his mind by bringing dozens of people Ladybug has saved to City Hall. It succeeds, thanks in large part to an unexpected interruption from Chloe, whose hero worship of Ladybug wins out over her dislike of Marinette.

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