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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages.

  • After the girls pony up and start playing "Shine Like Rainbows" together, a magic wave bursts forth... which causes Sunset to dive into a Troubled Fetal Position. The rest of the Spectacular Seven immediately stop playing and give Sunset a Group Hug to calm her down. As much as Sunset hates to admit it, it works.
  • Chapter 12 sees Sunset and Twilight having a nice time at a picnic, with just the two of them. During the picnic, Twilight pulls out her violin and plays a song just for Sunset, one that captures her journey so well that Sunset is moved to tears.
    • After the song is over, Sunset has her first "sloppy make-out session with Twilight" on the picnic blanket, but the two of them stop each other, since they want to take it slow and like where they are right now. For all of Sunset's teasing and snarkiness, she really does love Twilight.
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  • After Sunset's worst Catapult Nightmare yet involving her demonic side, Twilight takes a moment to assure Sunset that she's not that monster.
    Twilight: She might be darkness. But you, Sunset Shimmer, you’re in control. And you’re light. I know you are, and that will never change. You’re the brightest light I know, and I… love the way you shine on all of us. (...) And we’re here to help you, too. We care about you too much to let anything bad happen to you. We’re here for you. We’re your lights when you can’t see your own. We won’t let the darkness get you.
  • Volume II, Chapter 6. The Spectacular Seven manage to throw Pinkie a surprise birthday party. Unlike the over-the-top Ocular Gushers and Milking the Giant Cow she's known for, Pinkie starts to cry Tender Tears at her friends remembering her birthday after all, and pulls everyone into a Group Hug.
  • The ending of Volume II, "Phoenix Rising," has a few moments in each of the three chapters.
    • Just before the battle against Scarlet Inferno and Moondancer in "Phoenix Rising I", Sunset is told to Come Alone to the terrace of the hotel Prom is being held at. The rest of the Spectacular Seven refuse to let Sunset go by herself, knowing this could mean their own deaths, because "if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us." Even despite having lost part of her soul and unable to register strong emotion, it makes Sunset's heart flicker.
    • In "Phoenix Rising II," Sunset gets her soul back and defeats Moondancer. After, she and Twilight share a Big Damn Kiss, fly out to the beach on Sunset's wings, and this time, have a genuine Love Confession now that Sunset can truly feel it in her heart.
      Sunset: Before when I said it, I couldn’t fully mean it. My heart wasn’t in the words. Or, my soul, really. But now… (kisses Twilight) I love you.
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    • In "Phoenix Rising III," the Spectacular Seven graduate from high school. While there's lots of heartwarming moments as Artemis as Selena rain praise on Sunset and Trixie, the most triumphant of the chapter is Sunset's speech. As salutatorian, Sunset gives a "World of Cardboard" Speech that apologizes to all of CHS for her years of being a monster, and how she's looking forward to the future.
      Fellow students, welcome to the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The road to get here wasn’t easy, and I know for many of you, I made sure it was even harder. I can never apologize enough for how I treated some of you, and I don’t expect all of you to forgive me. It’s a poor excuse, I know, but it’s said that hardships make us stronger. We learn and grow more as people. Maybe the experiences you’ve had over the last four years have taught you something. Maybe you’re stronger people for it. It’s my hope that you are, and that you go out and use that strength for good.

      In this last year, I’ve seen how strong you all can be when you come together. You guys are a force for good! You’re Wondercolts! When you set your mind to something, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! I know I’m late in showing it, but I’m thankful for sharing a class with you. There’s a myriad of talent amongst you all, from music, to art, to baking, and more. Don’t let anyone tell you your talents are useless, and don’t let yourself think they’re useless either. Any talent can be an instrument of change for the world. And like Miss Celestia said, you’ll go on to make the world a brighter place. Thank you, Canterlot High! For everything!

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