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Heartwarming / Spartacus

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  • Draba, not only refusing to kill Spartacus when he has the chance. But turning on and attacking the people who'd enslaved them both. True he dies, but his Heroic Sacrifice doesn't go to waste. Leading Spartacus and the other slaves to rise up in revolt.
  • "I won't let you be crucified."
  • The famous "I'M SPARTACUS!" scene. If they'd just let the first man to stand up take the fall, the rest of them (including Spartacus himself) would have been spared. By all standing and claiming to be Spartacus they all end up crucified for their defiance (and Spartacus is identified anyway), but rather than it being a Senseless Sacrifice they instead make it a declaration that each and every one of them would die for their leader and for the rest of their comrades too, and they would all choose death over re-enslavement.
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  • While Spartacus and many of his men end up crucified, Varinia is at least able to comfort him as he's dying by explaining that she and their son will escape to freedom.

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