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Heartwarming / Space Brothers

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  • In chapter 84 (episode 43 of the anime), while Hibito was succumbing to asphyxiation, the "veteran Brian Jay" came for him.
  • When Sharon is diagnosed with ALS and has trouble playing the piano, both Hibito and Mutta gift her with a keyboard with lighter keys. And neither of them knew the other was getting one.
  • After eighteen months of training, Mutta gains the official title "astronaut", and his picture finally hangs next to Hibito's at JAXA.
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  • Mutta ends up designing the guidance system that would prevent future astronauts from crashing like Hibito did.
  • Chapter 259 Serika finds what could be the cure for ALS, even when she was told to stop the experiment because some rumors on the internet, it is also a Tear Jerker.

Alternative Title(s): Uchuu Kyoudai


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