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Space might be strange but they sure know how to caress the heartstrings, as these examples show:

  • From the Spiders era:
    • The 'Neighbourhood' re-release B-side 'Only Half An Angel'. Tommy and Franny both confirmed this to be their favourite Space song, and it's easy to see why. Franny's girlfriend even provides backing vocals, and she has a beautiful voice.
    • 'Dark Clouds', Lyrical Dissonance aside, has the most uplifting chorus of any Space song.
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    • In an odd way, 'Me & You Vs The World'. Especially in Tin Planet Live, where Jamie dedicates it to his baby daughter.
  • From the Tin Planet / Love You More Than Football era:
    • 'Bad Days' lies somewhere between this and an almighty Tear Jerker (considering it was written about the deaths of Tommy and Yorkie's loved ones).
    • From Love You More Than Football, 'More Than A Friend' and 'Yes You Do', which is tacked on right at the end as a hidden track.
  • From Suburban Rock 'n' Roll:
    • The first verse of the title track:
    "All that matters to me, is my family
    I'll drive myself forever, just to make things better
    And our will is strong, so we keep rolling on"
    • Made even more heartwarming when Tommy dedicated it to his daughter Sophie at a solo gig in Liverpool.
    • Tommy also wrote "Paranoid 6Teen" for his daughter.
  • From the post-reformation era:
    • When Space played their homecoming gig in December 2011, they included a tribute to Andy Parle (about 1:40 in).
    • Despite being their darkest work yet, Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab manages to squeeze a triple whammy of heartwarming in the shape of 'Guest List to Hell', 'Falling in Love' and 'Day of the Dead'. When Tommy sings the final chorus of 'Guest List to Hell', he means it.
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    • From Give Me Your Future, there's 'Boy Like Me' and the title track. 'If you give, give me your future, I will never let you down...'

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