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Heartwarming / Sound of the Sky

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  • In the second episode, no less.
    "D-sharp. It hasn't changed."
  • Episode 6, when the orphan girl, Mishio, asks Sister Yumina to do her hair.
  • The hug at the end of episode 7. Awwww.
  • The end of episode 10 Rio and Kanata playing "Amazing Grace" together before Rio leaves. *sniff* That scene is just too beautiful.
  • All of episode 12 with some Awesome Music and some Moment of Awesome mixed in.
    • Du hast genug gelitten, deshalb vergebe ich dir, auch wenn dir sonst niemand vergeben sollte. "You have suffered enough, therefore I forgive you, even when no one else will."
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    • "I... you... same."
  • "I'm sure the Takemikazuchi was a good tank."


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