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Heartwarming / Soul Drinkers

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  • Emperor's bowels, the Soul Drinkers. Despite the main characters' name and their mutations, they left the Imperium, subjected themselves to being attacked by almost everyone, and waged a personal war ON said Imperium, because they believe that they are going the wrong way about things. Which, almost certainly, they are. his is a group of rapidly dwindling, mutation ravaged survivors, fighting for what they believe in. Soul Drinkers series.
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  • One Marine realises he regrets the death of a Guardsman now that he's forced by circumstances into killing them himself rather than simply sending them to their deaths. An aging Imperial Guard general who's spent most of the time sitting in a Banebladesuperheavy tank realizes the planet is lost and decides to die with his men, and takes up a rifle and a spot on the line rather than escape or stay within the safer confines of the tank. Sarpedon refuses to attack major Imperial military centres even though everyone is busy at the Eye of Terror, because he knows that for all its ruthless crushing tyranny it's still the only thing protecting people from Chaos. And the author states that even if Sarpedon's ideals lead to his Chapter's annihilation (it's come pretty close at least four times in five books), at least they will die free.

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