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Heartwarming / Sophistication and Betrayal

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  • The start of the protagonist and Rarity's friendship, where she cheers him up in hospital by recreating a stuffed toy from his childhood.
  • Rarity's repeated promises to always be there for the protagonist, particularly the time when the attempt to send him back home fails.
  • The Friendship Moment between the protagonist and Twilight in a flashback, where after worrying about her reaction to him moving in with Rarity, she admits how happy she is for him, before giving him a big hug and sharing a night of stargazing with her new telescope.
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  • Applejack showing how much she cares for her friends by threatening Cashmere off-page over her behaviour towards Rarity.
  • The finale, where after all the hassle and hardship, Rarity and our protagonist finally tie the knot.

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