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  • The party after another one of Eggman's defeats, the guest list is even bigger than the one in Sonic Generations.
  • Blaze assuring that she will support and love Sonic even should he ever cross the line. As he loved her despite her own faults and lack of qualms to kill, she understands his mindset and empathizes with it.
  • Rouge stating that Shadow still has a chance if he is still willing to wait for her. This actually got him to smile. Knuckles being revealed to be immortal pretty much destroyed his chances.
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  • Upon the topic of home, the first thing he says is what present he needs to get for his mother's birthday.
  • Doctor Emile Blue adopting Tails, who was an ordinary fox at first and was the reason he became Mobian.
  • Shadow vowing to himself to tell the other victims' families of the ARK tragedy. Doctor Emile Blue would be the first person on his list.
    • He even states that some of the science that is responsible for his creation is provided by Emile's grandfather, who is Gerald's friend and colleague.
    • Even after the whole debacle that is Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow still acknowledges Gerald as his loving father. Colony Drop or not.
    • He even tries not to hold grudges against GUN for the incident, saying that the people involved are either dead or retired and he cannot judge the current generation of the organisation for something their grandparents did.
      Vector: Wow, Shadow, That's not something I thought I'd ever hear you say.
  • On the topic of having a father that is of a different species...
    Vector: What's it like having a human as a dad?
    Tails: What's it like having a Mobian for a dad? He's my dad, just like yours is yours. That's all there is to it, really.
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  • When Eggman attacks for the very first time, what is Sonic's mother's response? Come back in time for dinner. Superhero parents that actually support their kids, not counting sidekicks are rare in comics. Sonic is just that lucky.
  • Upon realizing that his job will make him more busy than usual, he proceeds to evolve his pet dog to be his little brother and keep his parents company.
  • Sonic's parents' first response upon their son telling them about his girlfriend? Ask him to bring her over for dinner.
  • Upon the topic of multiverse shipping, Blaze takes it surprisingly well and understands that the other Sonics probably do not have the same characterisation as the one over here. Not to mention she figures that this reality can't be the only one where she and Sonic got together.
  • Upon Amy's curse being known, the cast especially Blaze (who probably just wants to just get Amy off her and Sonic's necks) immediately offer to help to get it removed. Sadly, she is too trapped in her own delusions and effectively lost the sympathy she had. This is pretty much how the curse works.
  • Upon the brutal beatdown Fang gave to the Chaotix, Sonic immediately asks if his friends Mighty and Ray were all right.
    • When he heard that Mighty had to sell himself as a male escort just to get by for the Chaotix, he is horrified.
    • The tone when he calls out Knuckles for kicking them off Angel Island, since kicking them off in the wrong place is what landed his friends in such a pathetic state in the first place. The open fury out of his concern for his old friends is astonishing.
    • When hearing about how poor the Chaotix are, he immediately offers cash to bail them out of debt without a second thought.
  • Mighty's reunion with the cast, funny because it is due to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, heartwarming because Sonic immediately tries to cheer him up by convincing him that everyone even him can make big mistakes.
    • Even after ignoring him for so long, Mighty is still willing to tell the Chaotix what made him go off the grid in the first place. When he finished recounting and is planning to sue GUN as one of their many victims, Sonic offers to help him win the lawsuit.
    • When he finished retelling his tale, Sonic immediately assures Mighty that he is not a failure and is simply an unsung hero.
  • Knuckles being raised by Tikal. You would think there has never been any interaction between them prior Sonic Adventure; you are wrong. He even states that she is the closest thing he has for a mother.
  • Amy points out the flaws of being immortal, as Knuckles will outlive all his friends. Thankfully there are actually other immortals in the cast while those that aren't decide to send their kids to help him out.
  • Shadow's "I am who I choose to be" speech to Knuckles to shake him out of his Heroic BSoD
  • Blaze choosing to defend Sonic should he anger the Ancient Walkers accidently or not in her world, despite Tikal saying that even she won't even be a speedbump to them.
  • Despite being hurled to other dimensions, Athair still asks Tikal to check on Knuckles while Knuckles' family is settled down perfectly. Knuckles takes it in stride even if he can't visit them in person since he knows they will be alright, even expressing glee at the prospect of having a little brother.
  • Despite all his faults and believe me there are a lot of them, Tikal still proud to think that Knuckles is still a better guardian than his predecessors.
  • Why did Tikal take so long to tell Knuckles about the fate of his species? It's because so that his friends will be there for him when she drops the bombshell, as evidenced by Shadow's actions.
  • Shade's reunion with the cast. Too bad it doesn't stick.
  • The Nocturnus allowing their men to bring their Morality Pet with them to boot camp to prevent them from going insane. Too bad it's considered a weakness for having basic morality and was used against them.
  • Upon hearing how the story is going to go, Cream understandably wonders if she is old enough for it and come back when it is over. Rouge and Vector agree wholeheartedly but Cream's constant self-telling that she is a big girl made her stay.
  • Sonic and company offering to help out killing Ix should he ever return.
  • The cast forgiving Shade for all the stuff she did in her past.
  • When Amy confessed that she is understandably having trouble looking at Gemerl the same way ever again due to his bloodstained past, when not even the events of Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance were able to shake her this much, Cream states that no matter what Gemerl did as his time as Gladius, Cream will not change her perception of him, stating them to be two different individuals.
    Amy: I'm... Not entirely comfortable hearing all of this, I'm going to have trouble looking at Gemerl again, knowing he did all this...
    Tails: Well, we already knew he was built as a weapon of mass destruction, which means he must have destroyed lots of things in the past.
    Shadow: Not to mention nearly destroying the world twice since we first met him.
    Amy: Well, yeah, but there's destroying things and then there's... You know... Genocide and rape and...
    Cream: Yes, but Gemerl DIDN'T do those things, GLADIUS did. Gemerl may have been Gladius once, but he's not anymore. He's someone completely different. Whatever that other person did, it has no bearing whatsoever on who he is now.
    Shadow: Well said.
  • Rouge's relationship with her mother, Blanc.
    • The speech on the value of memory and the reminiscence of their ancestors' escapades, even her own.
    • When Blanc shows Rouge that her greatest treasure is under that sheet in the corner, Rouge pulls it off and sees an ordinary full body mirror. When Rouge asks why is this is her greatest treasure, the response?
      Blanc: What do you see when you look in the mirror?
      "Uh… I see my reflection," said the confused Rouge. Blanc nodded and said nothing. After a moment, Rouge's eyes widened. "Oh…OHHHHHH…"
      Blanc glided up behind Rouge and bent down, putting her hands on her daughter's shoulders so that both of them were looking into the mirror. After a moment, the elder vampire said, "I said before that while family and friends are wonderful things, they may not always be there. That does not, however, mean that you shouldn't go out and get some anyway. Even if you eventually part ways, you will always have the memories of your times together…and, when you have a child of your own, the knowledge that you've brought something absolutely irreplaceable into this world." She glanced down at Rouge. "Far too many powerful people consider their children as nothing more than extensions of themselves, tools they can use to obtain even more power and secure their legacies. Never, ever treat your own child like that, Rouge. While I love being Queen, and take great pride in all the things I've done for Fangsylvania, you are my greatest achievement, and when you have a child, make sure they know that they are yours."
      Rouge's vision grew blurry. She had to blink several times to clear the water that had suddenly formed in her eyes. "I will, Mother. I promise."
      • After this paragraph, the members of the cast that have mothers immediately has a sudden urge to call them to tell them how much they love them, not a single one of their eyes dry.
  • After the Fangsylvania Civil War, Shadow takes over the leadership of the Black Arms, embracing his alien side instead of annihilating them.
  • Blaze stating that in her long life Sonic may not be her first love but he is certainly the best. Amy is more than happy to agree, while proceeding to do a Double Take because she just realized that she agreed with her rival.
  • Rouge's closing paragraph of her flashback in Fangsylvania.
    Rouge's smile returned as her mother related the grisly and gut-bustingly funny story of how Great-Great-Uncle Victor defeated the King of the Killer Klowns in a joke contest. Yes, the prospect of leaving home for a hundred years and being rendered mostly powerless was rather daunting…but it was still a long way off, and ultimately, it might not be so bad after all. Every bird had to leave the nest eventually, and besides, it would give her a chance to make more memories to stow in this Vault, like all those who came before her.

    And then, once she had a child of her own, she'd take her down here, and tell her her own stories, and show her the mirror, and make her feel like she was the most important thing in the world. To do any less would dishonor her mother, the greatest woman she knew.
  • Blaze having to tell a white lie to her best friend Cream because her actual tale would have scarred her for life.
  • Blaze finally regaining consciousness and seeing a starry sky. After eons of constant pain, it is a nice break, considering that it will be the only real thing that she will cling to for a very long time....
  • Cream's sheer faith in Blaze's goodness despite the fact that she is a half-demon. While Blaze assures her that her faith is not misplaced, she laments that such people in the olden days are not that open.
  • When openly revealing that she suffered from countless hallucinations of living a happy life while having bouts of insanity before being sane again and then repeating the cycle, Blaze in the present is still subconsciously thinking that she is living in yet another hallucination, practically a broken wreck. Even Amy admits that with all her hate and jealousy, she can't help but think that not even Blaze deserved that. As for Cream?
    Cream: (bursting into tears and hugging Blaze)No, Blaze, no! This isn't a hallucination! Th-this is real, we're real! You're free of that horrible place, and you're never going back there again!
    Blaze: (smiling gratefully and hugging the rabbit back) Thank you for saying that, Cream. I know you're right, but… I was there for a very long time. Far longer than I've been out. Sometimes it feels like I'll never truly be free of it… But so long as I've got people to care about like you, I can bear it. I can bear anything.
    Sonic: You aren't alone, Blaze. Whenever you feel lost, remember, we've got you.
    Blaze: I know, beloved. You always do.
    • When Sonic and Blaze proceed to kiss, even Amy is willing to let it go just this once.
    • When an enemy psychic took advantage of Blaze's fragile psyche to convince her that her happy ending which spanned a few hundred years was yet another hallucination, causing her to break down and shut herself into her room for weeks, her daughter Honey immediately tracked him down and tortured him over the span of several years while Blaze was recovering. Even Sonic admits that if he was actually there, he would have broken his no-killing rule there and then, contesting with Honey on who dealt more torture to the poor sap.
    • After the whole mess, Blaze obviously had to publicly scold her for implementing torture while secretly being proud of her. And she knows it.
    • When Cream is faced with the dilemma that if such payback would make her just as bad as the perpetrator should such an incident occur to her family, Blaze has only this to say:
      Blaze: Well, I pray you never have to find out. To know the full extent of what you might be willing to do for a loved one, it…can sometimes be pretty soul-shocking. The depths to which I would go for the sake of my daughter, or the other people I care about, sometimes frighten me.
  • Blaze considers Cosmo as her oldest friend since she is the one who unlocked her cage and freed her. One word: Free.
    Cosmo yelped and stumbled backwards as a tremendous blast of flame erupted around the demon cat, nearly singeing her. Streamers of flame and pillars of fire erupted all over the room, tearing the already crumbling chamber to even more pieces, embers and tongues of flame dancing in the air in wild and enthusiastic patterns, spirals and rings of fire spinning everywhere in elaborate formations, and in the center of it all was Blaze, laughing and crying hysterically… But not with the malevolence of an ancient evil freed at long last to get its revenge, but the joy of an innocent soul tormented and imprisoned for so long that she had forgotten what the world outside her cage was like finally being released. Blaze was free, and exulting in it, and so, Cosmo realized, was she.

    Eventually, the fires died down. Blaze strode over, picked Cosmo up off the ground, and hugged her so tightly the Seedrian thought that her spine was going to break. "Thank you," the cat whispered, hot tears rolling down her cheeks and landing on Cosmo's shoulders, letting up bursts of steam as they made contact. "Thank you so much. You have no comprehension of the depths of my gratitude for you. I swear to you on this day, that for the great kindness you have performed for me, not only will I save your kingdom, but ensure that it will prosper and remain safe from all who might harm it for as long as you, your children, and your children's children draw breath. You and your people shall regard me as a friend until the end of days, and my power shall ever be yours to call upon when it is needed most."

    Wordlessly, Cosmo hugged her back, and though the stone around them creaked and groaned and the world outside grew ever closer to destruction, that was something they could put aside for the moment. Right now, this was all that mattered.
  • Honey's pleas for help snapped Blaze out of her pragmatic phase, making her go for Red Pine despite not being at full power.
  • Cosmo's Undying Loyalty to her last retainer, Damil.
    • When Damil is understandably concerned that Blaze may be the greater evil than Helheim, Cosmo immediately shuts him down, saying that she is on the side of good, demon or not.
  • Blaze's adoption of Honey.
  • Vanilla's pulling off all the stops to make sure that Cream grows up right. Even Eggman is allowed to visit on certain days.
  • Eggman as Cream's father. He genuinely has a good side for the sake of his daughter and even admits that the loving father and the world domination nutcase is one and the same, both Cream and Eggman know this.
    • When the cast is having a collective Heroic BSoD over the idea of Eggman being Cream's father, Cream is understandably concerned that she just burned all the bridges she had with the cast. Blaze was the first to snap out of it and quickly console her, telling her that no matter who her father is, they will still be friends just like how she doesn't judge her daughter for simply being a Sphinx while the others are taking more time to swallow this bitter pill.
    • This one line when the two and two are put together:
      Cream: Can… Can I call you Grunkle Shadow?
      Shadow: You can call me whatever you want, sweetie!
  • Adopting the dragon's hatchlings when giving it a Mercy Kill, giving Honey some new family members.
  • What does Blaze consider the greatest achievement in the 4th emerald hunt? Honey learning to fly.
  • Out of the seven civilisations in Solana, the fact it is the Necropolis that is the least screwed up counts. Having the living and the dead coexist peacefully and is a refuge for the Sphinxes, even offering a home for Honey from the queen of the city herself. Honey declined, deciding to stay with Blaze instead.
  • Cosmo's You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Blaze and wants to give her father one last chance despite all that he has done or to at least know what are his motivations for what he did. She finally tops it off with giving Blaze the adoption papers for herself and Honey to be part of the royal family.
    "What you are," Cosmo said softly, taking Blaze's hand. "Is a hero, and the greatest one this land has ever seen. And so what if you're a destroyer? Let me tell you a thing or two about destruction that even a mighty destroyer of worlds like you may not have considered, Blaze…

    "You remember what the Wood Elves called you after you destroyed Sinasthuriellara? Wildfire? The name was more appropriate then, I think, than even they knew at the time. As you well know, fire isn't exactly the favored element of my people, given our plant-based nature. However, something we often forget about fires – wildfires in particular – is that while they burn down great swaths of forest, killing trees and plants and animals and leaving vast tract of land dead and unoccupied… In doing so, they create a chance for new life and growth to replace that which was destroyed. Burning the deadwood so fresh life can bloom. And, when you think about it, isn't that exactly what you've done, Blaze?"

    "What… What do you mean?" Blaze whispered wonderingly.

    "You burned down Sinasthuriellara, destroying the civilization of the High Elves… A civilization dedicated to violence and narcissism and stagnation, freeing the fairies and Wood Elves from their yoke and making the Feywoods a much safer place for everyone within and without it. You convinced the dwarves, among the most stubborn and hard-headed of all the people of Solana, to abandon and destroy their own ancestral home to right an age-old wrong simply because it was the right thing to do. You forced the phoenixes, who have always looked down upon the people of the surface, to back down from genocide and admit it was wrong to do so. You killed two gods and saved two civilizations from their tyranny, in the process taking steps to reform one of the evilest and most dysfunctional races in all the land. You ended the threat of the wendigoes, which has been a black spot upon this kingdom's history for ages, once and for all. You convinced the kingdom of the undead to actually give a damn for the living outside their borders for the first time in, well, maybe ever. You've helped so many other people besides, all over the land… But that isn't the truly remarkable thing that you've done, Blaze.

    "Most of the problems that these people we've helped have been suffering from – the ones not related to Helheim or my father, that is – have been going on for longer than anyone can remember. Nobody has done anything about them. Nobody thought that anything COULD be done about them, that it was just the way it was, and there was no point trying to change it. But you didn't see it that way, did you? You refused to let such atrocities and suffering go on simply because that's the way it's always been done. Whenever you had the opportunity to change something, you did, and didn't care about the consequences. Because, ultimately, that's what you've done, Blaze… Brought change, brought HOPE to this kingdom for the first time in centuries. For too long we've been mired in our own problems and issues, not really sparing a thought for other people or how to do anything but cope with the way things were because we convinced ourselves for so long that this was the best we could hope for and it would be too hard to try to change things so we should just accept our lot in life. And you… You've showed us a better way.

    "If you look outside this tent now, you'll see something that many would have thought impossible. Fairies and Wood Elves outside their forest. Elves and dwarves actually getting along. Elves and Drow not trying to kill each other on sight. Phoenixes walking the surface without having a look of disgust on their faces. Undead and half-sphinxes being treated with respect instead of scorn. Genuine friendships, and sometimes more, being formed between people who, even a few months ago, wouldn't have wanted anything to do with each other. And none of this could have happened if you hadn't walked into their lives, shaken things up, and showed them that they could be more than they already were. I suppose, in a way, you could say that you destroyed their worlds… Or rather, their way of looking at the world, and showing them the path to a newer, better one. Because, ultimately… Isn't that all destruction is, really? Change, or the tool to create change? Whether it's change for the better or the worst, I think, depends on who you ask. And while I'm sure a lot of people would say that the change you've created so far as been bad… Many more would disagree."
  • Shadow giving his great-niece Cream the "sweetie" moniker without making himself look like an idiot with pure sincerity. Considering what Knuckles did, Cream needs all the help she can get. Cream returns the favour by calling him Grunkle Shadow for the rest of the fic.
  • Blaze's reason for falling for Sonic? It's because both are determinators.
  • Upon touching upon the subject of the Sol Emeralds, Blaze recounts climax of Sonic Rush. When Knuckles curiously pressed about the Noodle Incident that severed the connection to them until then, Blaze immediately goes into lockdown and Sonic had to intervene to quickly move on.
    Sonic put a hand on her shoulder. She flinched, but slowly eased up as he rubbed her back, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. "It was bad," Sonic said flatly, shooting everyone a glare. "And that's all you need to know. Ever. Got it?" Everyone quickly nodded, murmuring their assent.
  • Iblis finally understanding mortality and morality, making peace with Blaze. Blaze actually forgives it, much to the shock of everyone else.
    Iblis: I… I do not want to be a monster again.
  • On the battlefield below, Honey refuses to retreat on the faith that her mother would come save her even with Phase 4 Dark Oak approaching. The moment the rest of the army follows suit activates the Sol Emeralds and help Blaze become Burning Blaze.
  • Cream's response to the whole Blaze/Iblis story? Give Iblis a hug using Blaze as a proxy.
  • Although she could feel herself regretting this decision, she soon realised that Sagara by extension Helheim forest is lonely. She proceeds to invite him over to take a break from the whole business whenever he feels like it. He is stunned.
    • Sagara's parting words to Blaze before he leaves.
      Sagara: Whatever world you're going to create is going to be magnificent. I think I'm going to look forward to seeing it.
  • After all that Blaze went through to save Solana, she now considers it her new home and asks Gaim to let her see what see has wrought before she is tasked with rebuilding the country.
  • It turns out that Sonic actually has nightmares that he would be paralyzed and can never run again, shattering him on the inside. It's something that he wouldn't wish on anyone, as shown with him actually stop teasing Jet to pity him out of sincerity. Blaze offers to help Sonic, whether it is mercy killing him or using magic to fix him up.
  • Cream refuses to make the Babylon Rogues grant wishes out of respect of the measures their ancestors did to make sure they do not have to do so. Her friends can't help but be impressed.
  • This world's Sonic actually giving Sticks' conspiracies the benefit of the doubt using their own adventures as evidence of a bizarre world. Sticks finally has someone believing her for once.
  • After joining Team Sonic, Sticks finally returns to her parents alive and well. She decides to stay with Team Sonic for adventures and heroics over a life of paperwork.
  • After his shitty childhood, Fang admits that The Gunslinger is the closest he has to a family. Which makes the fact that you must lay your mentor to rest as an act of Mercy Kill so that he can rest in the afterlife all the more heart wrenching.
  • It is revealed that all his feats after being the Gunslinger's apprentice rarely uses the magic that comes with it as it feels like a waste, meaning that it was all his own skill. Not to mention, it would have made things too easy.
  • Dr Emile Blue from Silver's time reveals that Shadow managed to keep his promise to tell the other victims' families about what happened on Space Colony ARK.

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