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  • Part 4 of the Sonic Spinball LP has Johnny frustrated at the seams with The Showdown. He uses an emulator to save Elliot and Matt any more frustration and vows to edit the video for the sake of the fans.
  • Whenever Johnny thanks the audience for watching his videos.
  • Towards the end of Johnny and Elliot's Sonic marathon, Elliot complains that his stomach hurts. Johnny, sounding genuinely concerned for him, offers to get the two of them something to eat and take a break from playing since Johnny had been playing for hours while Elliot had to sit down with him and add to his commentary.
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  • Partway through the Batman: Arkham City Let's Play, Matt started to lose his voice. Though he tries not to bring attention to it, the comment sections of the videos in question are full of well-wishes for him.
  • In Part 6 of Sonic 2006 Very Hard Mode (which is an FAQ video), Johnny is asked what he really thinks of his fellow BrainScratch crew. He says that he considers them to be his best friends, and at a loss for words on how to describe their friendship, attributes them to that one close group of friends that you just always love to hang out with for reasons you can't explain.
    • During this sincere moment, he also gives shout-outs to Matt as well as his friends in Philadelphia.
  • During the Hellfire Commentaries Sonic-a-thon, the person scheduled to play Sonic Labyrinth had to bow out due to a poor internet connection. Johnny, who was in the chat at the time, offered to take up the slack and play it the next day. Even though he'd been saddled with collecting every Red Ring in Sonic Lost World and agreed to do Sonic Genesis, he willingly took on Labyrinth, too, just to keep it in the marathon. He even offered to bring the original runner on as co-commentator (though they had to decline).
    • And, because there were sound issues during his playthrough of Labyrinth, he agreed to do it again.
  • At the near end of the Medievil 1 LP, Johnny edits out any conversation the guys were having so they could hear the Gargoyle congratulate Dan on getting into the Hall of Heroes.
  • Matt says he's willing to let Elliot getting a game over in World 1-1 go if he can get through Night 5 on his first try. He does.
  • During Sonic 4 Episode 1, Johnny stated that Elliot is technically his stepbrother, but he has looked after him since Elliot was a baby and thus considers him a true brother.
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  • Johnny ends the last review of the first Donators' Marathon unscripted as he shows all the games he was donated, and thanks those who donated the games to him for giving him the chance to do the marathon in the first place, and his followers for staying loyal to him for so long.
  • The Super Gaming Bros Interview
  • Johnny shows off his old room one last time before revealing his new home. He reminisces over the memories and videos he made in his room since 2008 as he shows off various videos he made in the past. Johnny also introduces his mom and thanks her for all the support she had given him while living under her roof (and she can't help but cry tears of joy!). Johnny also thanks Elliot for the company he has given him and for being a great brother.
    • To add onto that, only a little over four months prior, Johnny uploaded a video showing that he had renovated his living/recording spaces in his parents' house. When asked in the comments why he was moving out so soon after he had done said renovations, Johnny replied that he did it so he could leave his parents with a nice, new, clean room.
  • During the reviews of EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, Johnny notes that while he understands why people love the games so much, they didn't quite strike the same chord with him (mostly because when playing RPGs, he's looking for character development and a solid plot, neither of which these two games are known for), and he expresses the hope that the third game would be the one for him. When he reviews it, he's blown away by the development of its characters and the events of the final battle, and proudly admits that, yes, there were tears. You can even hear the legitimate emotion in his voice as he describes the final moments of the game. Let the record show:
    Johnny: ...This is it. Mother 3 is the one for me.
    • He also notes that he didn't choose the traditional names for each of the main characters in the series; he instead named them after himself and friends of his from his childhood. When he plays Mother 3, he names Lucas's brother Claus after his real-life brother Mark. This could not have made the ending any less heart-wrenching for him.
  • Johnny absolutely gushing over the reveal of Sonic Mania. He can barely contain his excitement as he talks about the game on his channel and says the game is exactly the kind of game he'd been begging Sega to do for years; 2D platforming, 16-bit graphics like in the Sega Genesis days, fluid animations, and controls and physics being exactly as they were back in the day. He also gets doubly excited to hear that the man who was in charge of making ports of Genesis Sonic games to smartphones and PC was going to be working on Sonic Mania since the ports were made exactly like the original games without any issues or flaws. Johnny admits his excitement is unprofessional but doesn't care since he hasn't felt this enthusiastic about a Sonic game since he was 8 years old. To see Johnny getting very giddy over a game that's in a franchise he loves shows just how big of a Sonic fan he is and seeing his dreams come true.
    • This excitement carries over into his proper review of the game. As with any review, he speaks of the game from a professional standpoint, highlighting both its positives and some of the flaws it has... until the last two minutes, when he just throws professionalism out the window and turns into a little kid again, gushing over how amazing the game is and marveling at every possible thing about the game. It even prompts a bunch of callbacks to his previous videos, such as a short animation he had made years ago wondering what would happen if you set Oil Ocean Zone on fire, as well as the obvious allusions with Knuckles & Knuckles mode.
    • Perhaps the most heartwarming thing about Johnny's relationship with the game is that he himself received a Special Thanks credit in the game's manual!
    • Similarly, his reaction video to the reveals of Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns, where he shows similar levels of excitement as well as bewilderment, since the Metroid series was thought to be in the middle of a Sequel Gap prior to the announcement of those games. For additional context, the last time both a 3D and 2D Metroid game was revealed at the same time was in 2002.
  • During Johnny's finale livestream of Shantae: Half Genie Hero, he mentions that he is not the type of person to force Elliot to drink alcohol because he hates how some people try to act macho by drinking to the point of being beyond drunk. Johnny also mentions that he always asks Elliot if he is ok with doing a drunk let's play and he won't force him to drink for it.
  • At the end of the Sonic Forces review, Johnny goes on a long, unscripted talk that you can tell comes straight from the heart about how he wishes Sonic Team keeps going in the direction they started with in Sonic Mania and that they don't step back and give us another Sonic '06.
  • During the Super Mario 3D World review Johnny mentions that cats are boring to have as pets, before showing footage of his own cat and saying he loves them regardless.
    Johnny: (petting his cat) Oh, you're still my friend, Pudge. You know I love you.
  • SGB Reviews: Ourselves. Johnny and Elliot reflect on the 10 years of the channel and just how far they've come since March 2008.
  • Around late May 2018, Johnny revealed that he adopted a four-week kitten who he named Selene after she was abandoned by her mother.
    • Every subsequent video involving Selene is this in general. Just Johnny being so protective and playing with his precious new kitten is adorable. Even better, it seems the cat has been growing healthily in the months since her introduction.
  • Johnny's reaction to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate August 2018 Direct, particularly for his sheer joy at seeing Simon and Richter Belmont join the fight with Nintendo's all-stars.
    • Unlike many people who recorded their live reactions, Johnny completely avoided the leaks from the night before that revealed a Castlevania presence in Smash Bros., and so the video captures his sheer childlike elation at watching the reveal trailer and finally realizing...
    Johnny: IT'S CASTLEVANIA!!!
  • One of the major reasons why Johnny decided to review Fortnite? His younger cousins watch his show and asked him to do it.
  • Before starting the Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu review Johnny talks a little bit about the last time he reviewed any of the Pokemon games, and as part of it he apologizes for how his referring to Bugsy as "it" in his Crystal review could have come off as transphobic.
  • In the comment section of his "Hey You, Pikachu!" video, somebody mentioned that they were recently diagnosed with a cancer and thanked Johnny for posting his video. Johnny later responded and wished the best for that viewer.
  • Just after Thanksgiving 2019, Johnny’s mother went into the hospital for emergency surgery following a brain aneurysm. The amount of love that the fans poured out, including some donating money to help pay the hospital bills, nearly drove Johnny to tears — he was so thankful.
    • To add to it, his mother (at the time of this edit), is making a speedy recovery.
  • Around July 2020, Johnny revealed another cat that he had named Chico during an update to his channel. It was a cat from his grandfather's old store, which closed, that he took in after being abandoned and trapped in the store. He wasn't able to keep Chico as he made Selene upset but asked fans to find Chico a new home. The outpouring of fans and interest allowed Chico to find a new home only a few weeks later.

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