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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.


  • This story is the start of a decades-long friendship between Han and Chewbacca.note 
    • In the cell/pit, Han befriends Chewbacca after revealing he can speak the latter's language. In fact, they successfully work together to pull off a trick to escape. It's strangely heartwarming that their friendship was built on the two of them escaping from a common enemy.
    • Chewie has been victim of dehumanization at the hands of the Empire: trapped in a muddy pit and treated like a feral "beast" to throw other prisoners to. Han starts treating him like a person the second he figures out he's a Wookiee.
    • Even better? In Legends, Chewbacca sticks around with Han because the Wookiee owes him a debt for having saved his life in the past. Here it's revealed that Chewbacca stuck around with Han not because he had to, but maybe because he likes Han and wants to keep being with him, and Han finds in him a great copilot, a friend and someone he can trust completely.
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    • Han Solo is pretty well used to suggesting crazy plans and having everyone around him immediately doubt him. When he tells Chewie, during one crazy maneuver, to drop the landing gear, Chewbacca roars in response. Han says, "When I tell you to," in a normal tone of voice. Clearly Chewie said "When" and not "What!?". He has already learned to trust Han.
    • Before that point in the story, Chewie showed his trust by allowing Han to do the prisoner-guard routine with him, something that he objected to strongly when Luke suggested it years later.
  • Han and Qi'ra's Adorkable reunion.
    • She tells him what got her through 3 years apart was imagining herself having adventures with Han. Also counts as a Tear Jerker when you take into account she was just trying to tell him a white lie so they would essentially part on good terms.
  • Beckett and Val's relationship, which is portrayed as truly loving. Their ultimate goal from all the crime? To retire in happiness together.
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  • Rio Durant convincing Beckett and Val to take Han and Chewbacca onboard, rightfully guessing both can be trusted. He's also a quite easy-going and friendly guy overall.
  • In the Kessel mines, Chewie sees some Wookiee slaves and decides to abandon the plan to rescue them. Instead of arguing, Han just says "you might need this" and tosses his spear to still his relatively new Wookiee friend. He makes it clear he's ready to never see the Wookiee again as he's finding his people.
    • Even more poignant when you consider the decision by the filmmakers to omit (for this film anyway) the "life debt" aspect of Solo and Chewbacca's relationship. Here Chewie is perfectly free to leave Han and go with his own kind; he chooses to return because he WANTS to.
    • Becomes better when Chewie helps save Han later, showing he now knows he has a friend for life who needs his help.
  • Despite joking about getting her mindwiped and L3's frequent snarky comments, it's clear L3 and Lando care about each other. After L3 instigates a slave rebellion on Kessel, a firefight breaks out and pins the group down and results in L3 getting shot. Despite Beckett and Han's demands he stay back, Lando rushes out to go rescue her. She doesn't make it and spends her last moments in absolute terror as her systems shut down, with Lando unable to do anything but tell her she will be fine.
    • However, along with her navigational systems, her personality is uploaded to the Millennium Falcon's computer, which explains where the personality that C-3PO was talking about came from, meaning that the Falcon is essentially alive and helps to explain some of the impossible things she can do. Every time the Millennium Falcon appeared following the events of Solo, L3 was there too, still helping to fight oppression.
    • What's more, L3 liberating the droids on the mining planet leads to them freeing more droids, who eventually free the badly-treated miners, who then proceed to revolt and fight their captors. Seeing them cheer and grin with joy as they realize that their shackles are gone is enough to warm your soul.
  • Somewhat of a tearjerker as well, but Qi'ra telling Han he's "The Good Guy," despite his claims that he's an "outlaw". Han clearly doesn't think much of himself, but others see the goodness in him.
  • After Solo's final showdown with Beckett, he watches as Qi'ra fly off in her ship, finally realizing that his fantasy of running away with her will never come to life. Despite losing both his mentor and the woman he loved, there is hope as Chewie puts a reassuring hand on Han's shoulder, showing that while Han lost a lot- he gained a whole lot more.
  • Just before the train job, the crew discuss what they want to do with their cut. Han translates that Chewie says he’ll find and free his people, which is heartwarming in and of itself. But the real kicker is after Han says he’s not sure if Chewie said tribe or family, Beckett replies: “What’s the difference?”
  • During the mass breakout on Kessel, we see slaves actually working together to get off the planet.


  • After all of George Lucas' frustration at the now-Disney owned Lucasfilm not following most of the suggestions he made while selling the franchise, his old friend Ron Howard put a piece of his advice into this one.
  • Donald Glover was a huge fan of not only Star Wars but Lando Calrissian in particular as a kid, regularly sleeping with an action figure of the character that his father bought because it was the only black one he could find. Now it has come full circle with him playing Lando. And figures bearing his likeness are already confirmed.
  • In a way, Solo’s premiere at Cannes (after having had one in LA) is very sweet considering Revenge of the Sith was the last Star Wars film to have a Cannes premiere. So Solo’s journey begins the same place where Lucas’s series ended.
  • Just like Rogue One, the film brings back a character from the prequels, played by their original actor (albeit with a different voice this time), with the reveal played dead straight as a shocking twist despite the films' highly controversial regard among the fans. And this one has the bonus of implying there might be more plans for Darth Maul still to come. Ray Park was pretty happy to be back, and was quite pleased that it was in Solo, as Han Solo is his favourite character. He's since made it clear that he'll happily reprise the role again. Ewan McGregor geeked out upon seeing the film's premiere with him and congratulated him.
    • But even the voice is heartwarming. For fans of the cartoons/video games, Sam Witwer is widely considered to BE Darth Maul, credited with turning him into an actual, fleshed-out character. Over a year after Witwer's last appearance on Star Wars Rebels, it's great to hear his voice again.
  • Going to Ron Howard’s twitter and seeing hundreds of fans thanking him for the film and saying they enjoyed it such as these, with Howard often replying and saying thank you himself as often as he can. Considering how some fans have reacted to Disney Star Wars recently, it’s great seeing so many fans praising the director and supporting the cast and crew. And considering Solo had arguably the most skepticism of any film in the franchise before it, that’s saying a lot.
  • Apparently Ron Howard had so much fun on set and working again with Warwick Davis, that he’s seriously considering making Willow 2. Fans of Willow completely went wild over this.
    • It's going to materialize into a Disney+ series instead, but hopes are still high about it.
  • When a concerned fan sent a tweet to Ron Howard about the films box office, Howard replied with this.
  • Despite the low box-office, neither Howard or Jonathan Kasdan are upset or fazed by it. Kasdan in particular is happy people enjoyed the movie, whether it was a success or not.
  • Thanks to this film, fans of Willow (a previous Lucasfilm project by Ron Howard) and this film are now Friendly Fandoms.
  • This tweet.
  • Ron Howard took to Twitter to say that despite the film not making as much money as expected, he’s still proud of the film and the work the cast and crew put into it. After seeing a lot of directors (most recently Darren Aronofsky, Alex Proyas and Paul Feig, to name a few) lash out at people for their film bombing, Howard instead expressing he’s proud of his film and the support he’s gotten throughout its run is very sweet to see.
  • Seeing how happy Ron Howard is that people are enjoying Solo on home video like here, here and here among others.
  • Three years after the film was released, Ron Howard revealed in an interview for the Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast, that Harrison Ford was quite happy with Alden’s performance with Howard also taking the time to praise the entire cast. And despite how chaotic it was, by all accounts the cast enjoyed working together and Howard working with them.


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