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  • Jack and Fiona's entire relationship could qualify as heartwarming moments.
  • In 'Singularity' Fi gives a really great speech to Jack about what a great brother Jack before she goes into an alternate dimension to save Clu. Jack, having no idea what's going on, offers to teach her baseball.
  • Clu and his dad before Clu leaves for college.
    "I wanted to get you all pumped up about going to college and show you how proud I am. And I am. You've done a great thing here. But I was a big liar when I pretended it wouldn't break my heart to see you go. I'm gonna miss you every stupid moment you're outta my life and I'm gonna count the minutes until you come home on your first vacation."
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  • From season three: Annie does some research about a supposed aquatic monster in a town that had been flooded by the construction of a dam. In the scene when the monster was finally revealed, it turns out the monsters are actually humans who stayed behind and turned into fish-like monsters so they could live underwater.
  • The song Molly sings about her titular childhood friend (whom she doesn't know is immortal and has to hide out so no one will get suspicious about the fact that she hasn't aged in years) at the end of the episode "Rebecca".
  • In "Lost" a freak wiring accident allows Fi to communicate with the mind of a girl who has been in a coma for ten years using her computer. To verify her identity to her aunt and her mother, Fi types in questions only the girl would know the answers.
    Mom: I'd like to ask you some questions.
    Girl: Mama!
    Mom: What is my sister's name?
    Girl: I-I-Ida.
    Mom: Where was your favorite hiding place?
    Girl: Underneath the stairs. Behind the old crib.
    Mom: What was your favorite food?
    Girl: Mash potatoes with gravy.
    Mom (tearing up): She's right. I forgot. Who was your favorite baseball player?
    Girl: Daddy! My favorite baseball player is Daddy!
    • The rest of the episode is spent helping the girl wake up, by navigating her though her own mind which is depicted as the town she grew up in.
  • The episode 'Angel' was on the whole pretty heartwarming. It features a farmer and his daughter, the latter of whom is followed by a mysterious man she claims is an angel. The angel starts appearing to Fiona, telling her she is 'the one.' In the end, it's revealed that the farmer's daughter has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive and Fiona is a match for donating.
    • On a lesser note, Jack and Clu both like Gabe but Clu knows Jack likes her more, so he refuses to compete for her and wishes him well with her.

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