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Heartwarming / Sketchbook

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  • The cats and Sora. The cats seem to like Sora, but they are afraid of her when she offers them food since she gives them is spoiled. Mike was willing to work up the courage to eat the fish just to make Sora happy... only for Grey to beat her to it and eat the bowl’s contents himself. When Ao tells her that the bowl of sardines she gave Mike and Haa-san were bad, she rectifies her mistake and gives the cats fresh fish the next day.
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  • Sora’s friends all stopping by her house to give her gifts while she was sick.
  • The end of the anime. "Kajiwara... Sora desu."
    • The ending to the last episode is pretty much Crowning Music of Heartwarming, especially since it's in conjunction with the above CMOH.