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Even a fic that has tons of violence has a few wonderful moments.
  • David making up with Rarity after a full day of fighting non-stop. Truly warming.
  • Fluttershy admitting her love to Link. He refused, but still...

  • Catherine of Aragon’s “Aww, hi baby” when discussing Mary I in “No Way.”
    • And at least one fan-made animatic has Anne Boleyn walking by carrying Elizabeth right after she says the line
  • The entirety of "Heart of Stone," performed by Jane Seymour. Especially the bridge, where she proves her love to her son:
    Soon I'll have to go
    I'll never see him grow
    But I hope my son will know
    He'll never be alone.
    Cause like a river runs dry
    And leaves it's scars behind
    I'll be by your side
    Cause my love
    Is set in stone.
  • The queens stopping in the middle of a verbal catfight with a loud, genuinely concerned-sounding "WHAT?" when Anne of Cleves blurts out with "Guys, I have the plague!"
  • This line in "Six."
    Catherine Parr: I don't need your love. All I need is Six!
    • And their reactions afterwards, among other things 'Awww...' 'Lovely, babe..'
  • Meta Example: The entire cast, including Grace Mouat who left the show in August to star in & Juliet, showing up onstage for Millie, Aimie, and Maiya's last show.

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