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Heartwarming / Singin' in the Rain

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  • The "Singing in the Rain" dance sequence, the most pure and unpretentious expression of what it feels like to be in love ever committed to film.
    • One at the very end of the number: as Don walks away happily in the downpour, he gives a soaked passerby his umbrella.
  • Cosmo's continued friendship with Don. Don refuses to let stardom get to his head; he treasures his friends. And Cosmo knows that even though he doesn't get the fame that being the best friend of the biggest actor in Hollywood would imply, it's still worthwhile to be with Don.
    • The "Moses Supposes" number attests to this. It's literally just the two of them screwing around having a good time.
  • Cosmo is possibly the only secondary character in a movie that will be completely fine as a single guy. He sets up his friend with the girl of his dream and doesn't once try to make a move on Kathy.
  • Don's smile during Kathy's performance of "All I Do Is Dream Of You." It's clear that he's not mocking her, he's actually enjoying the show and seeing that Kathy does in fact have talent.
  • Another moment between Don and Kathy would be, "You Were Meant For Me", where Don declares his love for Kathy on an empty studio stage, complete with a sunset in the background and dramatic lightning.


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