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Well to be fair, this series was made by Sanrio a.k.a the makers of Hello Kitty.....


  • Some of the songs played in game are love songs.
  • The game tells the story of myumons working together to fulfill their dreams.
  • The characters in general are in their own way, adorable.


Season 1

  • The relationship of all the bands' shown.
  • Episode 1 has Shu Zo saving Kai by sacrificing himself. Also, the twins try to save him.
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  • One of the reasons Maple quit Unicorn Virtual Music was because he thought making music as a team was more important than making money.
  • Strawberry Heart aka. Grateful King constantly gives Cyan music advice and on how to live in MIDI City.
  • In Episode 7, Plasmagica tries to reunite a bandmate back to his band after he goes missing.
  • The entire final scene in Episode 12 after Cyan defeats Dagger for good.

Season 2

  • Near the end of episode 5, when Nickel, Titan's youngest brother, cries over toys due to poverty, Titan gives macarons to both Balt and Nickel. Then, when Nickel asks Titan to play a song, Titan uses a toy piano to play a song.
  • In episode 10, after Aion and Ailane are revealed to be siblings, the Couch Gag for this episode shows Ailane practically glomping her elder brother.
  • In the first episode, and most of the times we saw human Cyan up until the final scene in Season 2, she's using a normal guitar. In the final scene of her playing for the school music club, she's using Strawberry Heart, having still been wearing it when she left!