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  • After the cherry blossom party, Shirokuma stays behind to keep Sloth company as they watch the blossoms at night. In other words, Sloth goes to the store, and when he comes back it's night, everyone since went home. Polar Bear saw this coming, and planned a second party just for the two of them aaawwww...
  • Panda's Tanabata wish, in episode 13.
    I wish for Mr. Handa's wish to come true.
  • Grizzly grumpily admits that Panda is not all that annoying to Polar Bear. He's still annoyed that he has to carry the sleeping kid, though.
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  • "...It's fun just having everyone together."
  • Even though we know he's fine, Grizzly showing up to take the place of the(He assumes)deceased Polar Bear is oddly sweet.
    • The fact that he grieved for Polar Bear when he thought he was dead. It just shows that while Grizzly often gets irritated by Polar Bear's antics, he still sees him as a very good friend and cares for him deeply.
    • The fox bartender's children climbing on Grizzly, calling him uncle.
    • The fact that he was willing to take over the Cafe for Polar Bear, citing that "only Polar Bear's best friend can do it". Complete with a full set of Polar Bear's usual work clothes.
  • Grizzly letting Penguin take the first bath, saying he worked the hardest.
  • When King Penguin's son meets Penguin's nephew in episode 19. They stare each other down...and immediately start snuggling each other.
    King Penguin's son: Fluffy.
    Penguin's nephew: Puffy.
    • They do this again at the very end of the first part of the episode. Awwww!
  • Handa and Sasako watching the fireworks in episode 20. It's enough to get Handa to open his eyes.
  • Handa goes to Shirokuma for romantic advice and how to ask Sasako out. After messing with him for a bit as well as bumming an expensive meal from him, Shirokuma tells him that the best option to just keep being himself.
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  • The flashback episode to Grizzly and Shirokuma's childhood is one long moment of Heartwarming.
  • After spending all of episode 28 getting outshone by Panda, Mr. Full Time Panda gets a nice bit of recognition, courtesy of an adorable little girl giving him some candy after his shift is over.
  • Shirokuma, Panda, Sakaso, and Grizzly helping a depressed Penguin experience what it's like to fly. Then subverted when they forget to get him down...
  • After the Yama Arashi concert, Mama Panda is grateful for the chance to attend and relive her youth.
  • Episode 34: Wolf getting accepted a job at Donkey's Cafe. Tiger and Grizzly both congratulate him.
  • The reason Sloth of all animals wanted to work at the cafe in episode 35. So he could treat Sasako to dinner, because she always goes out of her way to take him around town.
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  • After Grizzly's hibernation is disturbed by their antics, Polar Bear, Penguin, and Panda gift him with a brand new pillow with a card wishing him a good hibernation.
  • The Christmas Episode, because after spending so much time in the series as the Butt-Monkey, Penguin finally gets a moment to be appreciated.
  • Shirokuma's hammock brings up his memories of living in the ocean.
  • Panda making up for eating his moms tulip buds in episode 40. By planting a big arrangement of flowers in the shape of her face, and "Mama" in flowers right below it.
  • Penguin's nephew and King Penguin's son using Tortoise as a see-saw.
    • From the same episode, Llama and Sasako reminiscing about the town they both grew up in. Sasako is even inspired to change her mind and attend her elementary school reunion, which she had previously had decided not to attend.
  • Most of the second part of the 41th episode, where Sasako and Llama discuss their nostalgic feelings for the town they grew up in.
    • The flashback of little Sasako's failed journey towards the wind turbine, which she believed was a giant windmill, was quite adorable. The stunningly beautiful scenery and soundtrack made it look almost like something out of a Studio Ghibli movie. Lastly, the hint of melancholy brought on by her reminiscence reminded Sasako of just how much she had almost forgotten about her precious childhood, and it convinced her to attend an old classmates gathering which she had previous decided against going.
  • The flashback to Grizzly and Shirokuma as teenagers with Shirokuma aiding Grizzly on his crush on a female grizzly bear. With the crowning moment being when Shirokuma appeared with an umbrella in hand, shielding Grizzly from the snow, who had just spent all night trying to find the school badge for his first crush. Both the atmosphere and the soundtrack fitted the scene brilliantly.
    • Grizzly finding his crush's school badge. Unfortunately, she thinks he's Shirokuma because his paw was covered in snow and he was hiding behind a tree out of shyness.
  • After learning about Full-Time Panda's reassignment to Singapore, Penguin goes out of his way to try to cheer up a depressed Panda and goes on a long rant defending him at the zoo, calling himself Panda's best friend.
    • Panda's spirits are lifted when Full-Time Panda sends him a postcard from Singapore with promises to send him more. Penguin is seen smiling in the background.
  • Mei-Mei giving up her outing with Handa, so she can look after a sick Rin-Rin.
  • Panda and Penguin visiting a sick Shirokuma, only for them to get sick and have Grizzly and Sasako care for them.
  • Sasako leaves work early as she's feeling ill, bumps into Handa and happily accepts a bag of mandarin oranges from him. Especially heartwarming as he had been trying to come up with a gift for her.
  • Tree Kangaroo tells Masaki that he's finally good enough to roast and make coffee.
  • Everyone who's shown up in the anime comes to the cafe for a cherry blossom viewing party, including Full-Time Panda, back in Japan on vacation and came to see the cherry blossoms and Panda.
  • Shirokuma quietly writes out his cafe mocha recipe for Penguin when the latter is considering moving.
  • Wolf, Lion and Tiger, three childhood friends having a reunion at Grizzly's Bar. They reminiscence and chat about their daily lives, then Wolf mentions a rapper they were into when they were younger, Lion admits he grew past that and the three start arguing. Unknownst to them Polar Bear was that rapper, and just happened to sit next to them and overhears so he immediately starts singing a song for them (while Grizzly spins records) in honor of their reunion, also effectively rekindling their childhood. That was just really sweet.
  • "Mr Llama's Time Capsule" the Nostalgia is so thick, you can practically feel how they're feeling. And it is beautiful.
  • Full-Time Panda: "If you can meet the one person you're destined to be with, you don't need any more happiness than that"
  • Llama's ending song, "Llama Mambo/Lla-mambo" Episode 29 shows that he had first written it when he was a little kid, and improving upon it ever since. So much dedication towards one song, is rather touching. (Though one may not count the "Song segments" as canon. He did use the same song for his "Llama Ranger" promo)
  • Although brief, Sasako sitting on her bike, smiling as she waits for the penguin babies to cross the road in the show's second opening is utterly adorable.

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