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Heartwarming / Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

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  • In general terms, given the general prejudice Japanese culture has toward otaku, the attitude towards otaku in the series is noteworthy. Throughout the manga, the only significant character with any real prejudice toward otaku is Akina herself. Akina's teammates during the sports day find her odd, but still awkwardly try to strike up a conversation with her and be friendly. Akina's middle school friends genuinely like Makoto and encourage Akina to enjoy her new friends and share interests with them.
    • One of the instance of prejudice toward the otakuism is when a couple of gyaru dismissed a Prepure kigurumin stage show as "childish" while there are several childless adult watching the show. And then the kigurumin actors start doing acrobatic stunts in their action acts (note that kigurumin actors use full body costumes including unwieldy large head masks) while making inspiring speeches typical of magical girl shows. A combination of awesome and heartwarming moment within the show silenced any naysayer, including Akina herself. And those who are fans to things people dismissed as childish will understand this feeling.
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  • The last chapter of the manga is nothing but this. Akina accidentally confesses to Kaede while trying to admit to her friends that she originally hated otaku and tries to flee in embarrassment, only for Kaede to reciprocate. Her friends, in turn, aren't offended that Akina originally didn't like otaku, instead just playfully ribbing Akina with the question of why she hung around. Akina's reason? She didn't want to be lonely.

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