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Heartwarming / Shifting Worlds Anathemus Mythos

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Although the Anathemus Mythos is more likely to break hearts than to warm them, that only makes the occasional heartwarming moments all the more powerful...

  • The ending of Hellgate 1 can count, with Arachnos swearing to protect Flandre of the present like he could not do for Future Flandre.
  • Mia Coronai is a walking Heartwarming moment... when she's not being a walking Tear Jerker instead.
  • In Hellgate 2 Part 2, when the group from Gensokyo that got warped back in time came upon the Black Spawn for the first time, the Spawn had killed the 3 Goddess sisters that had helped them purge the city Goruntuaff of the Dark Spores. In a way to give at least one sister, Ami—practically the only one whose body they found—a burial worthy of her status, Kanako Imrah and Aurion built up a diamond tomb for her, along with a spell tied to Mia or her next-in-line to transport it where they feel would be its' best resting spot. However, Mia died trying to get them back to their own time, leaving Kanako without a way to know if his gesture was heeded. However, after they knock the ever-loving daylights out of the Black Spawn, Patchouli takes Kanako down to the basement of the mansion's usual location, where she reveals to him the same diamond tomb that encased Ami had at the very least survived through the years to be found again, if not placed where Ami's followers thought was the best place to bury here. Even SDM, Asshole writer Extraordinare, felt tears in his eyes when he made the post.
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  • Xat RP: The Factory found out that, early on into the war against Executor, Terminos had intentionally made a nonfunctional Executor killswitch device to spare Executor's life. Considering how many lives were lost because of this (or so he thought, at least), he was fairly understandably pissed and commanded Terminos to leave the Factory and not to come back for a very long time. However, after Executor's death at the hands of the other Anathemites (see Tear Jerkers), the Factory tells Terminos that he can stay, after all (in a rare display of kindness on his part). As usual, the music played a big role in the impact of this scene.
  • Also from the Xat RP, the true identity of "Imposter Princess Celestia" is... Princess Luna. Thought Executor killed her to cement his reputation as history's greatest monster? Well, think again, because he didn't have the heart to actually go through with it.
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  • There's a great moment between Luna and Lynna in the finale of the Hellgate arc. Arguably, the rescue of Luna from Hellgate's clutches by Oneiros could also count.

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