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Heartwarming / Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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  • In Game of Shadows, the look of relief on Watson's face after Holmes un-dies after Watson injects him with the serum Holmes gave him as a wedding present was quite touching.
    • And his attempt at CPR before that.
    "You selfish bastard!"
  • Sebastian Moran, for all his wicked deeds, cares deeply enough for Moriarty that he digs him out of a huge pile of wreckage after nearly being killed himself.
  • Watson rushes to the side of a bloodied Holmes. In an interesting combination of Call-Back and Tear Jerker, Holmes, who has just been brutally tortured and had a building collapsed on top of him, smiles up at him and weakly declares, "Always good to see you, Watson."
  • At the end, you can see quite a large number of people attending Holmes' funeral. Even Inspector Lestrade shows up!
    • The plaque.
      In loving memory of Sherlock Holmes
      1854 - 1891
      He played the game for the game's own sake
    • The Baker Street Irregulars in the front row.
    • Noticing even the people who showed dislike for Holmes are heartbroken, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson are some of the more obviously distraught attendees of the funeral.
    • Watch carefully during this scene. Notice that there are so many people in the church, there's no room to sit. For all the talk of Holmes being an antisocial misanthrope, so many people respected him, they could barely fit them all inside.
  • Holmes at Watson's wedding looking happy for him especially if you remember the last film.
    • Also Holmes helping Watson into the church because he's lost his cane.
  • And when Holmes managed to drag the hungover Watson and helped him get ready.
  • The ballroom scene, Ho Yay aside, it is genuinely sweet to see Holmes and Watson not bicker for a change and smile and get along. This may be a Tear Jerker considering what happens next
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  • Holmes keeping the wedding rings for Watson because he knows he has a gambling problem and might lose them, is a beautifully subtle acknowledgement of how well these two men know and care about each other.
  • At the end of the movie Watson rushes out onto the balcony where Moriarty and Holmes are fighting. Holmes looks at Watson, closes his eyes—a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth—and pulls Moriarty off the balcony. As they fall, Holmes keeps his eyes shut, so that Watson's face is the last thing he sees.
  • This exchange between Watson and Mary regarding their actual honeymoon, showing that despite her initially prickly encounter with Sherlock in the first film (The dinner scene), she understood him just as much as Watson did.
    Watson: He would have wanted us to go.
    Mary: He would have wanted to come with us.
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  • Holmes taught Watson how to dance.


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