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Heartwarming / Shaun of the Dead

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  • The last scene, where Shaun plays videogames with a zombified Ed in the shed and is so happy about the fact that he and Ed can still be friends.
    • Made all the better when "You're My Best Friend" by Queen starts playing.
  • How about the fact that Yvonne showed up at the Winchester with the army at the end? And it's implied she led the soldiers there because she remembered that Shaun and the others were going there and she wanted to help them.
    Yvonne: They're taking us someplace safe. I thought you'd want to come along.
  • The part when Phillip tells Shaun that he always loved him followed by Shaun finally acknowledging Phillip as his father.
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  • When being woken up by Shaun and Ed playing loud Electro music in the middle of the night, Pete is understandably angry and freaks out. But when Shaun tells him that they did this because he just broke up with Liz, Pete calms down and asks Shaun to "keep it down" in a sympathetic voice, setting out to go back to bed. At least until Ed calls him a prick.
  • The Plot Hole Extra revealed that Dianne survived, but has since moved in with her aunt and is now on a Christmas card relationship with Shaun and Liz.


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