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Heartwarming / Shadows Of The Azure

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Here are Heartwarming Moment's from Shadows Of The Azure

  • Litchi hugging Yukiko twice after she almost teared up. More so the second time, when Relius hints on using her as an experiment.
  • Ragna finally making peace with his brother Jin.
  • Bang confessing his love for Litchi and his promise to protect her and Lotte Carmine.
  • Any scene where the Investigation Team reunite.
  • Obviously, any scenes where a BlazBlue character finally accepts their own Shadow and overcame their overly-long held mental baggage, with a Persona character or sometimes fellow BB character duly noting that they're better people despite their flaws. Which they needed badly.
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  • Litchi and Linhua finally reuniting, after everything was settled.
  • Naoto's big sister relationship with Carl. In fact, being around her has done more good for Carl's mental health in days then everything else has.

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