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Heartwarming / Service With A Smile

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  • From the very first scene, Jaune and Ruby bonding over a cup of coffee.
  • The fact that without Jaune's rather disastrous flirting attempts in canon, he and Weiss get along extremely well.
  • While extremely tactless, Ozpin nonetheless offers to leave Jaune's diner if Jaune wants him to.
  • Roman and Neo grow so fond of Jaune that they both threaten bodily harm against Mercury for messing with him. Roman was even willing to stand up to Cinder over Jaune.
  • After Yang accidentally dislocate Jaune's arm, he easily forgives her and all of Team RWBY offer to help him run his diner the following day.
    • At the end of the day, Jaune gives a small white lie about how well Team RWBY did to make them feel better.
  • When Blake runs away from Team RWBY, Jaune's willing to let her stay in his apartment on one condition: She has to call her team and let them know she's okay.
  • Despite Velvet being vastly less qualified than Russell and technically only needing one employee, Jaune hires both of them to help out while his arm heals.
  • While the event is horrific, the aftermath of Jaune's beating and robbery certainly count.
    • Cinder comforts Jaune and unlocks his Aura.
    • The Malachite twins stand guard over Jaune while he sleeps and dozens of Junior's men help restore the cafe to better than new.
    • Jaune's numerous customers donate lien and mugs to fund the restoration.
    • Weiss gets her legal team to handle Jaune's insurance claim.
    • Roman, Neo, the Malachite twins, and Junior all go on the hunt for whoever assaulted their favorite barista.
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  • Russell asking Cardin to lay off his racist attitude towards Faunus.
  • Jaune getting Crocea Mors back, leading to him giving Militia The Glomp.
  • All of Jaune's customers step up to support him against Cafe Prime.
  • Russell's backstory where Cardin saved him from his abusive father then outright insisted Russell was moving in with him.
  • When Jaune believes he has no choice but to give up against Cafe Prime, all of his present customers along with Velvet and Russell give anecdotes about why they love his cafe (from having first met a girlfriend there to being a good place to unwind to simply having the best coffee in the city).
  • A minor one but Mercury, who normally cares about nothing except himself, admits he's really going to miss Jaune's once they've destroyed Vale.
  • Upon seeing her sister trying to be more girly for Jaune, Melanie tells Miltia to Be Yourself as that's the girl Jaune knows and likes.
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  • Junior gives the panicking Miltia genuine dating advice that's surprisingly thoughtful, such as warning her to take things slow so she doesn't make Jaune uncomfortable and understand that awkward silences are less because he's not having fun and more because he doesn't know what to say.
  • Jaune refuses to care that Miltia had lovers before him. He even says that her ex made him feel better because the man is handsome, confident, and experienced but she dumped him anyway.
    Jaune: It's not about who or how many people a girl has been with. The real winner isn't the one who got to be the first, it's about who she chooses to keep at the end of it.
  • Both Cinder and Roman try to get Jaune out of Vale for the Vytal festival so he won't get caught up in Cinder's plans. While Cinder does so subtly by suggesting Jaune take a holiday and visit his family, when Jaune doesn't take the hint, she complains to Roman. Roman outright tells Jaune what's going on and warns him that even though she likes him, Cinder will kill Jaune if he tries to rat her out.
  • When Mercury starts having second thoughts about following Cinder, Adam gives him some paternal sounding advice about how to make a decision and gives an implicit offer to hang out with him again.
  • As a result of Jaune trying to cheer Cinder up (and hopefully stop her plans), she buys a puppy and is later caught rubbing it's belly by Mercury.
  • After Jaune gets injured fighting Grimm during the Breach, Junior and the Malachite twins insist Jaune stays with them until he's better. Junior goes so far as to say that if Jaune needs anything to let him or one of his boys know.
    • Jaune receives so many get well cards and bouquets that even just having cards from those he's closest to in his room leaves him with dozens and the bouquets had to be given out to the injured before they overflowed his diner.
    • Cinder even stops by to give Jaune a bouquet of purple hyacinths which Juniper explains mean "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

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